Published On: Mon, Mar 3rd, 2008

Poeta Guerrera: Write

Another stream awaits its descent
Another stream awaits its descent
So little seems to make sense
Fingers against keys
If only I could truly see
Here is this moment
The song plays against my ears
Willow trees dance in the wind
To part my lips and sing

Care to see me delicate?
Deconstruct the intricate
Puzzle pieces unfold
I’m not as you were told
Little of what you recall
The pedestal falls
Waves against the bedrock
Coney Island dreams
It’s not what it seems

Oh Angel
Where is the picket fence?
The stream awaits, awaits its descent
I used to be so poignant
Now it’s all just a sea of disappointment
Mother scolds and father died
I’ll pretend he tried
Somehow there was love
Ascend ascend
I’ll just pretend

There’s an orange bottle
It’s against my case
Shake the pills
As they rattle
Reminding me
You’re not well.

The story goes
It’s read wrong
I thought I was strong
Resilience, too, has faded
Erasing it all because I’m jaded

Oh love
Where are the kept promises?
It was you
Just you
And I
Now it’s shy
Martyred by lies
Sustained by good-byes

Expect the unexpected
Or expect nothing at all

Close your eyes
It’ll be okay
It’ll be all right
Just sit here and write and write and write

Cheer to old memories
To smiles once known
Laughter resonates
This is fate

Another stream awaits its descent
It’s gone and went
And another stream awaits its descent

2/19/08// 7:39 p.m.
Melinda Gonzalez

Poeta Guerrera: Write