Published On: Mon, Mar 3rd, 2008

Poeta Guerrera: Death

This is death manifested in breath
Tainted by the success of love affairs gone end
Tears against glass frames
A soul that refuses to be tamed
Repentance that never comes
Because I am undone

I’m yearning against a sea of sorrow
Looking with tinted eyes
Cheeks wet with sin
I don’t know you or me
Can faith falter like this?
Unsheltered by the sound of my lips

Where does right begin?
And wrong ascend?
With my fingers curling against his chest?
Crying for the father I never had
I’m seeking acceptance

I’m lost
Hair blowing against the wind
This is death manifested in chests tightened
Voice scratched
Fingers trembling

2/18/2008// 1:24 a.m.

Poeta Guerrera: Death