Published On: Mon, Mar 3rd, 2008

Poeta Guerrera: Liquid Ending

I’m too in touch with the voices of my inner truth
To stroll through time nonchalantly minding my own business
I feel so purposeless
So out of touch with who it is that I want myself to be

I want love so passionate that fingerprints dance against my thighs in
weeks to come
Love so real that time and space appear irrelevant
Love so strong that lies and mistrust could never surface in our thoughts

I don’t know what is rhyme or reason anymore
There’s just this lingering sense of treason
A betrayal that so deeply permeated my soul
That all I can recall is the smile upon my lips
From all of the times you called me beautiful

I should be over you
If letting go means no communication of hearts
While mine is drowned out by the rejection of your hands upon another body
Then I should have long ago been able to sail against the sea of another man

When lover is the only friend
And lover departs
What friend is there to calm your heart from the crying that resonates
louder than any other reality?

There is not
Just memories that soothe you
To cling onto pillows that no sooner hug back than walls respond

I want to press my heels against stage floors again
Confess my deepest passions to eyes that will smile
Press their hands against their chests
In recognition that they, too, understand this silent torture

I beg to myself to stop this endless call to you
You will not reciprocate

This time love is not stronger than pride
This time love is not stronger than broken promises
This time love cannot heal the wounds not caused by us

Written by:
Melinda Gonzalez
January 25, 2008
1:28 p.m. Eastern Time

Poeta Guerrera: Liquid Ending