Published On: Tue, Feb 17th, 2015

How To Organize Your Blog (& Life) With Organizada!

497509517Ever watch an informercial and think to yourself… “that’s a great idea – why didn’t I think of that”. I know… me too.

The best ideas are simple ideas. Things that just make sense. If you are a PR Friendly blogger, you already know that your life can get pretty hectic between pitches, blogger events, sponsorships, conferences and content management. How do you currently keep it all together? I will tell you how I do it today…

I am currently using Google calendar, Any.Do, Evernote and a combination of notebooks, whiteboards and post it notes to organize what we call the “Situation Room” in my house. Pretty disorganized huh? I am sure that there are many of us in the same boat. I have been looking for a solution like this that can help me organize my blog!

Without hesitation… I just bought my copy of “Organizada”, a creative solution by my good friend Sili Recio (My Mamihood) that she just launched today. For anyone dealing with constant disorgaization, this is exciting stuff…

Stay with me… you will not be disappointed.

organizadaIt’s A Blogger’s Guide to Keeping It Together!

Everything you need to stay organized and on top of your blog can finally be found in this blogger planner. Take your business to the next level with this planner that includes:

Blog-at-a-Glance: record your  blog’s analytics and social media following in one easy– to-update  place.

Month-at-a-Glance: planning page for the month containing a place for goals, outcome, blog topics, sponsored post grid and a lessons learned section.

Income and Expenses: keep a running list of this information as it happens for better bookkeeping and happier tax time.

Monthly Calendar: track your month on one page.


Weekly Calendar: planning page for the week where posts can be listed, brainstorming sessions can be recorded, sponsored and giveaway posts can be tracked.  Don’t forget to write down your mantra for the week! There’s one copy per month so be sure to print multiples for each month.

Social Media Tracking: know how often you should be sharing and on what platforms? Find it all here!

BONUS FEATURES: Track conference and expenses as well as your social media shares for your posts with Excel spreadsheets delivered to your inbox after your purchase!

There is nothing else like it out there…

Simplifica Con Organizada!

BUY YOURS NOW by visiting MyMamiHood!

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I promise to update you with a review as soon as I get my hands on this book and put it to good use for 30 days…


George Torres
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How To Organize Your Blog (& Life) With Organizada!