Published On: Sun, Apr 7th, 2013

On My Way To #Hispz13: 1st Stop? Viva Florida 500 In Lakeland!

rubycandelaHispanicize 2013 is just days away… and I am in Florida as planned, arriving to the Central Florida area to spend some time with family. I really wanted to make this year different so I have decided to just get here and really connect in a different way. The first thing that happened as soon as I got here (besides Mama making me pasteles), was getting delivery of a brand new Crystal Red Chevy Volt. The car, whom my readers on Twitter and Facebook named “Ruby Candela” was provided to my by the fine folks at GM Diversity as part of my sponsor package.

Now I could have flown in to Miami on April 8th like everyone else but I decided to make this a trip to remember. I decided to take some time and really connect with family and take some time to explore Florida from a different perspective… The Latino perspective. So today, I will begin a journey that will take me thru several parts of Florida starting with the Viva Florida 500 Parade in Lakeland Florida to see the parade and hang out at the block party.

Now normally, I get these invites from PR companies and Ad Executives but not this invite, this invite came from a Sofrito For Your Soul community member named Michelle Acevedo… which compelled me even more to make it happen.



I mean really… how many times do I get to do something like this? Nunca, Never… my life is filled with meetings and deadlines. It is very seldom that I get to go off script and do something as cool as this.

In case you missed it… here is my first video from JFK Airport as I was waiting for my flight which was delayed.


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On My Way To #Hispz13: 1st Stop? Viva Florida 500 In Lakeland!