Published On: Wed, Nov 2nd, 2011

NYC: Here are 3 Things You’ll Miss If You Do Not Go To The Next Capicu Cultural Showcase!


Here are 3 Things You’ll Miss If You Do Not Go To The Next Capicu Cultural Showcase!
Our next Capicu Show is Friday November 18th at the newly renovated EvilOlive Bar (formally Notice lounge) and we have an exciting line up with Poetry by the talented Adele Ramos, Poet / Spoken Word Artist, Educator and Nonprofit Activist….
Now if you are one of those people who are all about ambiance… you will be visually entertained by the Live Painting session orchestrated by visual Artist/Writer/ Blogger/Culture Lover/Creative Soul…Nia Andino.

and as always Capicu Poetry has the hottest poetry open mic in NYC (yes…even Manhattan)… at least 15 slots for you to express yourselves!

If that is not enough for you (yes I am looking at you sideways…) I wanted to remind you of some of the things that really define a night out at Capicu Poetry besides the pre-show happy hours, 3 hour show and a really great after party / networking session.
  1. You get to break in our new venue. That is right, we got an upgrade without ever leaving the building. Notice Lounge has now been renamed the EvilOlivE Bar and has a brand new kitchen, a slammin new menu and a whole new selection of drinks that include Olive Infused Martinis…
  2. Amazing networking opportunities: Our audience is comprised of movers and shakers in the NYC Cultural Scene.  We have no vip, back stage or green room at Capicu so you get to rub elbows with not only our feature artists but the people making moves in our community. It is not a secret  that for the last 5 years, Capicu Events has been a breeding ground for collective cultural events, community building and great friendships.
  3. WE WILL GIVE YOU A FREE GIFT…who does not like FREE STUFF? We will be giving everyone who is in the building before 8:30 a free raffle ticket for our end of year holiday drawing to take place at our biggest event of the year Pa’L Pueblo, our holiday charity event that benefits the children of Bushwick United Headstart. If you do not know, we have given away BIG SCREEN TV’s, GAMING CONSOLES, LAPTOPS, VIDEO CAMERAS, ORIGINAL ART and much more…. 

QUE MAS QUIERES???  WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM US???? LOL, let’s talk about it over drinks…


In order to not miss out, be sure to RSVP today on Facebook

On a serious note…

This year we are looking to raise the bar both with the prizes we are giving away and the amount of kids we will benefit this holiday, so we need your support. If you know someone that would benefit from being a sponsor… have them email us at attention: George Torres.

SEE U @ CAPICU!!!!,   

George “Urban Jibaro” Torres on behalf of TEAM CAPICU!


Here is more details…


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NYC: Here are 3 Things You’ll Miss If You Do Not Go To The Next Capicu Cultural Showcase!