Published On: Wed, Dec 2nd, 2009

NYC EVENT: This Friday…Bronx Museum Series presents: El Súper

First Fridays! At The Bronx Museum Series presents:

El Súper: 30 Anniversary Tribute/ Celebrando sus 30!
Film Screening followed with Q & A with original play writer
Iván Acosta.
Performance by UNity (Cuban, Jazz & Salsa)
Dir. Amaury Acosta & Axel Laugart
With Special Guest Xiomara Laugart
Music by DJ Asho

Co-Presented by Creatively Speaking™, HABANA| HARLEM ™ & Latin Jazz USA.

Presentation of Latin Jazz USA "Chico O'Farrill" Lifetime Achievement Awards 2009 to Joe González, Xiomara Laugart & Awilda Rivera of WBGO Jazz 88.

Friday December 4th, 2009
(Celebrando Shango/Santa Barbara's Day!)
6-10 PM
Free! No Cover!

The Bronx Museum of the Arts
1040 Grand Concourse, Bronx, New York 10456. 718.681-6000.
D and B Train to 167th/ Grand Concourse. 4 Train to Yankee Stadium

The Program

6:00 pm Doors Open/ DJ Asho spins on the ones and twos.

6:30 pm Opening remarks and introduction to the film by Michelle Materre and Neyda Martinez from Creatively Speaking™, HABANA| HARLEM ™.

6:35 pm Screening of El Súper (90 minutes) Dir by Leon Ichaso

8:05 pm Q & A with original play writer/director Iván Acosta. Moderated by Michelle Materre and Neyda Martinez from Creatively Speaking™, HABANA| HARLEM ™.

8.30 pm Presentation of Latin Jazz USA "Chico O'Farrill" Lifetime Achievement Awards 2009

8.40 pm Performance by UNity (Cuban, Jazz & Salsa) Dir. Amaury Acosta & Axel Laugart With Special Guest Xiomara Laugart

9:50 pm Closing remarks / Doors Close

El Súper (1979) Directed by Leon Ichaso (El Cantante, Miami Vice TV Series).

From the Original play by, Writer/Director: Iván Acosta

El Súper is the quintessential Cuban film. A dramatic comedy, it focuses on the domestic experiences of a Cuban family that left Cuba after the outbreak of the revolution. It tells the story of Roberto Amador González, his wife, Aurelia, and their daughter, Aurelita, in New York City. Roberto, a middle-aged man of humble origins and underprivileged background, works as a building superintendent in Manhattan. The film concentrates on his family's experiences as marginal people in a country with a language and traditions different from their own. The fact that they live in the basement of the building where Roberto works underscores the sense of imprisonment and marginalization that the characters suffer. Cold weather and snow enhance the sense of desolation in the film.

Like many of Acosta's works, the film is concerned with alienation in the Cuban family. The tone of the film is bitter and satiric. The three characters, Roberto, Aurelia, and Aurelita, express different forms and degrees of frustration. Roberto is a reflexive and melancholic character who is dissatisfied with his life in New York City. Many of the scenes that present Roberto fulfilling his duties as a building superintendent show that he is incapable of connecting with others. Aurelia is at home and concerned with family and health care issues. Aurelita does not understand why her parents talk so much about Cuba. She represents a new generation—one that is assimilated and that chooses to speak English instead of Spanish.

El Súper was adapted into a film directed by León Ichaso and Orlando Jiménez Leal. The popularity of El Súper marked a milestone in the Latino and Latina art scene in the United States. Both works drew attention to the experiences of Cubans and other immigrants while broadening the scope of Cuban cultural productions in the United States.

About Iván Acosta:

Iván Acosta wrote and directed the original play El Súper, which premiered at the Cuban Cultural Center of New York, on November 5th, 1977. As a play and as a film, El Súper has received over 30 international awards. Iván Acosta has written 12 theater plays and 8 screenplays. He has also produced several Latin Jazz concerts in New York and Miami. His most recent films include, “Rosa and the executioner of the fiend”, “How to create a Rumba”, and, “Candido Hands of Fire”. One of his Latin Jazz USA productions, “50 years of mambo in the USA”, was nominated for a Grammy. His latest play, “Cosas que encontré en el camino/ Things I found on my path”, premiered on July 2009.

About UNity:

UNity is a collective of 4 (+) members. It started in the summer of 2007 in NYC by Cuban drummer, Amaury Acosta and Cuban pianist, Axel Tosca Laugart. Their vision was to create a sound that resembles what was happening in the world currently and to bring people together through the power of music. UNity fuses modern jazz, with R&B, Neo Soul, Hip Hop, all combined with Afro Cuban grooves. UNity has performed at Nu Blu, Zinc Bar, Avalon Jazz Fest, Sweet Rhythm, Hells Kitchen Jazz Fest, West New York Music and Arts festival, Evvy Awards event, amongst others. In January 2009 they recorded their first E.P entitled "Unity is Power Vol. 1" featuring, Pedrito Martinez, Xiomara Laugart, John Benitez, Luqes Curtis, Roman Diaz, Lucas Pino, Mike McGarril, Melanie JB Charles. UNity is Axel Tosca Laugart, piano; Amaury Acosta, drums; Chris Smith bass and Michael Valenau guitars.

About Creatively Speaking™:

For over a decade, Creatively Speaking™, a curated multi-ethnic independent film series, has been a leading forum for independent film at Harlem Stage (formerly Aaron Davis Hall) and in recent years at BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music), Weeksville African American Cultural Center, The New School, The University of the West Indies , among others. Shorts, documentaries and narrative films tell stories that present realistic portrayals of people of color rarely seen in the media, and appeal to varied audiences, crossing multiple cultural, geographic and socio-economic divides. Curated by Michelle Materre and produced by Neyda Martinez.


HABANA | HARLEM™, an independent label and Production Company nurtures the arts and humanities by advancing contemporary artistic innovation and building upon on the legacies of two world-class epicenters of black cultural production. Founded and produced by Neyda Martinez with Onel Mulet co-producer and artistic/musical director, HABANA | HARLEM™ explores modern trends in contemporary music and supports the work of artists through strategic exposition, performance, distribution, and promotion. HABANA | HARLEM™ commemorates a time in American music history, when Cuban musicians called Harlem “home” and performed alongside African American musicians and native “Harlemites” mostly remembered by the friendship and hallmark collaboration between Machito and Dizzy Gillespie.

About Latin Jazz USA:

Iván Acosta created Latin Jazz USA in 1989. The first Latin Jazz USA Lifetime Achievement Award, was presented to Maestro Chico O'Farrill. Mr. O'Farrill became the musical director of the first 5 Latin Jazz USA concerts. Latin Jazz USA Awards, past recipients have included: Dizzy Gillespie, Marco Rizo, Paquito D’Rivera, Gato Barbieri, Tito Puente, Mario Bauza, Mongo Santamaria, Stanley Turrentine, Candido Camero, Astor Piazzolla, Ray Barretto, Astrud Gilberto, Nestor Torres, Rene Touzet, Ray Mantilla, China Valles, Eddie Palmieri, Ray Santos, Juan Marquez, Paquito Hechavarria, Chico Alvarez, Max Salazar, Jose Curvélo, Alfredo Chocolate Armente
ros, Graciela, Israel Lopez “Cachao”, German Pifferrer, Nelson El Flaco Padron, Maggie Peyella/WDNA Miami, David Oquendo, Arturo O'Farrill, Andrea Brachfeld, Eddy Martinez, Bobby Sanabria, Patato Valdez, Dave Valentine, Oscar Castro-Neves and our own and first musical director Maestro Chico O’Farrill. Latin Jazz USA, also produces documentaries, recordings and feature films.

NYC EVENT: This Friday…Bronx Museum Series presents: El Súper