Published On: Sat, Jun 2nd, 2012

NYC EVENT: The 2nd Annual El Barrio Week Is Happening Now!

(Special thanks to the website for giving us this info)

 The 2nd Annual El Barrio Week will be held June 1st-16th, 2012. El Barrio Week is an annual celebration of one of the most diverse neighborhoods in the world that takes place the first week of June. A collaboration of El Barrio’s small business and arts/cultural sectors, El Barrio Week is a series of cultural events and programs that highlight the neighborhood’s unique characteristics and Latin American, Puerto Rican, and Caribbean cultural heritage.

The signature initiative of “Visit El Barrio” – a collective marketing and tourism incentive program – El Barrio Week includes “El Barrio Eats!” and “Shop El Barrio!”, a restaurant week for El Barrio and campaign to promote shopping locally respectively, and assists the program’s overall goal of attracting 20,000 visitors and driving $1 million into the El Barrio economy annually.

The 2nd Annual El Barrio Week and “Visit El Barrio” is an initiative of Hope Community, Inc. with the support of NYC Department of Small Business Services. Funding was provided by the Community Development Block Grant Program.

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NYC EVENT: The 2nd Annual El Barrio Week Is Happening Now!