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NYC Event: Social Media For Artists: Cultivating Your Community

Sugar cane worker in the rich field, vicinity ...

Sugar cane worker in the rich field, vicinity of Guanica, Puerto Rico (LOC) (Photo credit: The Library of Congress)

Many people (even Latinos) ask me why I identify with the term Urban Jibaro. Others ask me what exactly a Jibaro is… my definition of a Jibaro is a cultural icon that embodies the discipline of hard work to cultivate what his family needs. 

The key word is ‘cultivate’!

For as long as I can remember, I have been inclined to be surrounded by dynamic people that believe in or were working towards a common ideal or goal. In college I joined a fraternity called Phi Iota Alpha based on their ideas of Pan Americanism- the political and economic alliance of all countries in the Americas. After college I built Sofrito For Your Soul, an online community that connected Latinos to their cultural heritage. In recent years, along with a good friend and event planner Juan “Papo Swiggity” Santiago, I created Capicu Cultural Showcase using the philosophies of the most progressive intellectual and artistic New York movements of the last century (The Harlem Renaissance, the Beat Poets & the Nuyorican Movement). This organization in just 5 years has become a cultural movement in Brooklyn combining event management, community arts, philanthropy, artist development, social good and bridge building with like-minded organizations.

With over 15 years of successfully building bridges in the community, Papo and I are prepared to teach an introductory class on how to cultivate a community of loyal followers, online and offline. 

This 2 hour class will be a interactive discussion featuring real life examples of how to connect with people and build a following that will help you reach your goals. We will cover different strategies to create win / win scenarios with your community, partners, and sponsors using tools of real life interaction, social media and flawless follow up.

This class will be the first in a series that we are developing to help local artists and small businesses take their initiatives to the next level by cultivating their community.

We ask that if you are interested you email us at Once we get an idea of what the level of interest is we will book an appropriate venue. 

As I am,

George Torres
CEO / Founder

Sofrito Media Group
Social Media I Branding I Event Management
T. 516-690-7397
E. Engage@SofritoMediaGroup.comConnect with me on the network of your choice.

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NYC Event: Social Media For Artists: Cultivating Your Community