Published On: Fri, Jan 28th, 2011

NYC Event: Jose “Pepe” Baez Celebrates Birthday And Raises Awareness About Lung Cancer

Mi Gente, one of our readers has started a foundation to help his father, Jose "Pepe" Baez who is fighting a battle with Cancer. There is a fundraising event in NYC to celebrate his birthday and raise awareness about Lung Cancer. If you are not in NYC but want to contribute…


Our thoughts and prayers are with the Baez family during this difficult time.

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About Pepe's foundation

On August 6, 2010, Jose "Pepe" Baez was diagnosed with Large-cell neuroendocrine carcinoma (LCNEC); an aggressive form of non-small cell lung cancer. He is currently Stage 4 (which is terminal) and has undergone numerous treatments thus far. Due to this disease, Pepe had to limit his activities and workload in order to fully address this illness which has strained his finances in order to support his family (wife and 8 year old daughter).

The background of this form of Cancer is “Large-cell neuroendocrine carcinoma” (LCNEC) of the lung displays morphologic and immunohistochemical characteristics common to neuroendocrine tumors and morphologic features of large-cell carcinomas. Because surgical resection of LCNEC in many series has been described with 5-year actuarial survival that is far worse than that reported for other histologic variants of non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC), considerable debate has emerged as to whether these tumors should be classified and treated as NSCLC or small-cell lung cancer. However, in Pepe Baez’s case, the tumors have also been found in the liver (approx. 14 centimeters long, larger than typical tumors) as well.

So far, Pepe's chemo treatments have demonstrated positive results; giving him and our family more hope to fight this disease. However, this disease has slowed down his activity significantly; ranging from working (as a Car Service Driver) to family activities. Pepe has always been a man who took extremely care of his health for the good of his role as a father, brother and uncle to all of us. As a family, we continuously provide him with emotional and spiritual support during this challenging moment in his life. His strength has spoken volumes to our family and he has set an incredible example to all of us during his fight against LCNEC.

Our family is asking for your support to help our beloved Pepe Baez as he struggles in this fight. Your contributions will go towards assisting his family meet their basic needs while he attempts in returning to work at his full capacity. The Baez Family will greatly appreciate your donations towards this cause and are grateful for your giving.



NYC Event: Jose “Pepe” Baez Celebrates Birthday And Raises Awareness About Lung Cancer