Published On: Wed, Mar 18th, 2009

NYC Event: Her Food For Thought

 An ALL Latina
Poetry Review “Her Food For Thought” I have gathered published and
emerging poets with topics that broad in range. Voices that are passionate and
experiences that are personal and sometimes painful. Each artist brings a
unique style and vision to the stage.

The listeners will relate to the challenges that some have faced and recognize
the accomplishments that others have achieved. The poetry will evoke dialogue
and discussion. They will convey a deep sense of spirituality and culture, an
understanding of the power of “Woman” and the Magic she creates.

Poetry that will grab you out of your seat, take your imagination farther than
it has been before and talk to your soul. Tamed and untamed some, theatrical,
happy and sad, funny and erotic ….. Her Food For Thought…. Will
leave you hungry for more!

And to tease those taste buds we have Jennifer Nieves and Joshua Lutz opening
the show with a hair standing musical performance that should not be missed.
Her top singles being "If i were a BITCH" & "High
Heels". Support Women Artists Now Day is March 26th, come by and help us
make it a memorable one.

For more info, click on the flyer!

NYC Event: Her Food For Thought