Published On: Mon, Mar 2nd, 2009

Nuevo Latino: Recipes That Celebrate the New Latin American Cuisine

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As you may already know, we restarted the Sofrito Book Store last month to continue to suggest great books of Latino interest that may be either hard to find…or that major bookstores may be hiding in the dark corners of their stores. This week…I had an incredible dinner at a small restaurant in the Loisaida called Yerba Buena that I will be telling you all about next week…but that really inspired me to find a book about the growing culinary genre of Nuevo Latino cooking. So this week we added a few books to our store but I happen to especially like this book because of the diversity….and this is coming from someone whose first career was in the culinary arts.

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Nuevo Latino: Recipes That Celebrate the New Latin American Cuisine

by By Douglas Rodriguez, John Harrison

Books This spring Ten Speed Press is pleased to announce the birth of the Culinary Classics and Curios series, a line of long-ago published seminal books for serious cooks and food lovers. Selected by our editors with the help of chef friends, food writers, and authors, each of the Classics and Curios has been chosen because it remains influential, even if it's out of print, hard to find, and well aged. Those in the know consider these books among their most coveted volumes and still swear by them, forever enchanted by the uncommon personality, information, and passion that is their collective hallmark. To help recreational and professional cooks alike rediscover the special value of these books, each new edition features a substantive introduction by a wellknown food writer with a meaningful connection to the work. The Classics and Curios are quality hardcover editions at affordable prices. As serious cooks and cookbook collectors, we here at Ten Speed are delighted to finally have these culinary canons back in our kitchen libraries and know they'll find their way onto the shelves of those who share our passion for good cooking.


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Nuevo Latino: Recipes That Celebrate the New Latin American Cuisine