Published On: Mon, Jul 28th, 2008

Nuestra Arte: The Sofrito For Your Soul painting by Maria Sanchez


Sofrito For Your Soul is blessed with a talented artist who inspired by our vision, was able to encompass all that we have become over the years into a beautiful painting. The Sofrito For Your Soul piece is screams culture through symbols that we all know and may have some deep cultural connections to. The Sofrito For Your Soul painting recipe includes:

Taino indian symbols (how many can you find?)
Aztec head figure with feather head dress

Mexican eagle with snake
A sandia/watermelon (couldn’t leave that out)
A pina (pineapple)

Some platanos (fruit from the tropics)

Vejigante masks of Puerto Rico

guitar and maracas (music)
soccer ball (sports)

sun and the moon,

night and day
winding vines to carry you through the painting
symbolic of earth, life, growth
melting pot on top mexican kitchen stove setting w/tile inlays
a cebolla/onion …a major ingredient of true sofrito
last but not least sofrito for your soul banner.

From the bottom of my heart….I thank Maria A. Sanchez of for bringing my dreams to life in this painting.

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It seems like just yesterday many Latino’s outside of NY were wondering why I was doing this website…what does sofrito mean to me?…I am not Boricua, they used to say to me. I chose Sofrito as a symbol because to me it symbolizes a lot of different ingredients that together give flavor to that what feeds us. There is poetry…performing arts…music and cultural traditions in every culture…Sofrito is what makes “lo nuestro” special… and unique.

When I first started this site 11 years ago, I wanted it to be the one place where all Latino’s went and they can experience everything Latino…Today, my vision is different, I want to be the link between you, whether you are Latino or not…to everything beautiful my culture has to offer…whether it is on my site or one of our many friends who have websites, magazines, TV and radio shows…Latino’s need to support one another…I have chosen to lead by example.

In closing…it really does not matter who you are, or where your from. What is important is that you take a moment out of your day to celebrate a little of who you are…whether that is cooking a traditional meal…grooving to the sounds of your hometown music or even reading a book that is relevant to your roots. Just take a moment to feed your soul.

As I am,

The Urban Jibaro

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Nuestra Arte: The Sofrito For Your Soul painting by Maria Sanchez