Published On: Thu, Nov 25th, 2010

Nuestra Arte: Luis Antonio Vargas


Luis Vargas

I am Luis R. Vargas, an Artist from San Fernando, CA. Born of an immigrant mother from the jungle hidden ranches of Autlan, Mexico. I never knew my Father, the sperm donor of my expressive existence. I grew up in a violent environment full of gangs and poverty. While my mother worked like a slave in a factory, my Aunt would raise me and my sister. In love with Art, I was able to build a path that would lead me out of gang influence.

I have taught children of all ages through L.A.U.S.D. and L.A. Parks and Recreation. I was still able to do something I enjoyed, but financially I struggled. My talents didn’t go unnoticed for long; I was offered a position working with unprivileged children for several Outreach Organizations. I directed a project which led to the completion of two 40ft by 100 ft Murals for the City of Sunland Tujunga with several youth groups. Eventually I became a Director, Administrator of a Youth Residential Facility. During this time I started dabbling into the tattoo world. I would tattoo almost every night and on the weekends, practicing on my own legs and eventually improving I built clientele.. Eventually, I decided to do Tattoo full time and dive into the uncertain future of this sacred form of Art.

My art is a personal, psychological and hallucinogenic journey. Enveloped in sensuous images that implore to engulf any viewer into a heightened passion. Delicacies of an ethereal dream. Silhouettes of female bodies, chanting the names of the Goddesses in my every brushstroke. In the trees I see the beauty of women that enslave the eyes of all, Women have always conspired to inspire and enthrall me. A million eyes of every girl that collectively speak the song of the cosmic mother. Let my art sing to her song, with color, with freedom, and the nudist liberties that pertain to every earthling. Let ignorance be far, allow me to be distant from the shores of critique, as I do not express art to please the pretentious and fictitious




There also is a side of my art that delves into the occult and the mysterious realms of symbolism. The language of the invisible. Art has always been my personal teacher, as she speaks the silent voice of life. This is what life has taught me, how much I appreciate women in a world that hates women. That’s why I love to paint woman, and trees that look like women. I am as an instrument, being strung by an invisible force, visibly unfolding before my eyes. Art is always teaching me, about my feminine side. All my artwork is full of symbols, and there is a reason why everything is where it is. In the chaos of this existence perfection springs forth its blossom to answer the questions of your deepest mind.

All manner of mediums from oils to watercolors, have always immersed my agenda of activities. I will never rest from expanding my knowledge of new opportunities, to express my deepest endeavors. I have adopted human skin as my canvas of choice.

A sacrificial ritual, to quiet the mind from its attachment to pain. This calling, the hypnosis of my spell that longs the song of the needle. The pinch of the scorpions pigment, that I may wake the soul from its helpless sleep. My hands long the grasp of the body, the subject of a million incisions of color

Tattooing woman has become my most beloved form of artistic expression. Through my portfolio of Tattoo Art I have taken the collector’s personal desires and made them lavish their form with fanciful adoration. I hope you enjoy this website. In it you will find my artwork and all my Photographs of my tattoos. I will be adding new projects to keep you constantly updated. I welcome you into the realm of SagravsiuL, the Art of Luis Vargas.


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Nuestra Arte: Luis Antonio Vargas