Published On: Tue, May 22nd, 2007

Capicu Poetry: Rockeando duro last friday night!

P1010147_2Now I gotta keep it real when I spoke to the Urban Jibaro and he told me that the Mona Passage was featuring at Capicu Poetry…I was skeptical at first. I am thinking, the Capicu crowd is not ready for rock, tu esta loco? So we get into a big discussion that resulted in me getting encojonao (thinking that I know where it was headed). I am confessing to you all that I basically have come to the realization that I do not know what I am talking about…and props to the Urban Jibaro and Papo Swiggity for being committed to their vision of bringing culture and the understanding of our influence on American society, it is not just confined to one genre.

P1010160Capicu Cultural Showcase had another amazing night as they fused their usual mix of urban spoken word poetry with rock music this past Friday night in front of 100 plus crowd members. The night started strong with the resident Capicu DJ known as "The Guy" setting the mood with an eclectic mix of Rage Against The Machine, Mars Volta, Iron Maiden, Jimmy Hendrix and The Rolling Stones. The drinks flowed as the crowd decompressed from a usual week of life in NYC, getting themselves ready to take off on a cultural rollercoaster ride. Lisa Centeno (Candidates on Demand and official Capicu member) also known as "Boricua Goddess" continued to network with patrons looking for career changes. The "Swiggity Cartel" was in full effect. As the crowd grows it is evident that Brooklyn will never be the same as the host Papo Swiggity predicted onstage and in his numerous e-mails and bulletins on My Space.

P1010138The Open Mic that is quickly becoming one of the most vibrant and energetic (not to mention diverse) venues in the 5 Boros was on fire! After a wild guitar opening by Bonafide Rojas, and PaPo on stage putting on his brand new 1st Edition Boricuation Tee Shirt,the show opened with a barrage of Capicu first timers: Gianna Leo Falcon, screenwriter/filmmaker Storm Rydah, RL the Gifted One (host of Lyric Lounge), Quill and one of the members of the Mona Passage, the multi-talented Bonafide Rojas (featured on Def Poetry Jam) and Capicu kept it going with our dynamic regulars Poeta Guerrera, OL SoUL, Chilo, Advocate Of Wordz, G Positive, Seraphim, Conan, and Rescue (from The Waterbug Hotel in NJ).

THE MONA PASSAGE has changed my perception and I can actually say they rocked the house (pun intended). It was a crazy combination of faithful Mona Passage fans and Capicu supporters rocking out to the hard sound of guitars and drums.

A big shout out to the legendary DJ Shadow who did not make the open mic but was there celebrating his 18th anniversary with his wife. I also want to thank Alexandra Mane (Hermandad de Sigma Iota Alpha,
Inc), Carmen (Raza), Blue Rose and George Acevedo (Lehman College SBDC), and of course Jose Medina from for coming out and supporting.

If you were not there you will never understand the power of the music and words as told by the trailblazers that bless the Capicu stage every other week at the New Area 51 in Williamsburg,

Brooklyn…Experience it for yourself on June 1st with the next feature artists, the Hip Hop Poetry group that has made Capicu Poetry one of their homes away from home: 21 Poetz!

Juan Doe
"El Nuevo Rockero del Willy B"

Staff Writer

Capicu Poetry: Rockeando duro last friday night!