Published On: Fri, Jan 6th, 2012

No Three Kings Days Is Complete Without Rosca De Reyes Bread!

No Three Kings Day is complete without some Rosca De Reyes Bread! I thought I would share this recipe by a pretty awesome recipe site called Mexico In My Kitchen… go show them some love and have a happy 3 Kings Day!



Source: Mexico In My Kitchen!

While children on México’s Northern states received their presents in Christmas day, those living in Central México and the Southern states are still waiting for January 6th. Why? Because it is the day when the 3 wise men from the Orient will arrive and bring their presents to baby Jesus, or at least that’s how the story goes. That day they will also celebrate eating the popular “Three Kings Bread” called Rosca de Reyes in México, and Mexican hot chocolate. People do not usually bake their Rosca bread. This is a busy time for theMexican bakeries that will be selling these delicious Roscas not just to eat at home, but also in the office or school. Inside the bread, or rosca, is a plastic little doll (about one inch long) representing baby Jesus. Whoever gets the doll in their slice has to cook tamales on February 2nd. Also called Candelaria Day. You can read more about this Holiday HERE.

Check out the recipe for Rosca De Reyes on Mexico In My Kitchen!

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No Three Kings Days Is Complete Without Rosca De Reyes Bread!