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No Resolutions For Me… Here Are My Three Words For 2018

I do not do Resolutions anymore… ever.

I stopped participating in the New Year ritual of making a list of “resolutions”.

I am, however a firm believe in self-improvement and I came across a blog post in 2014 by one of my personal favorite influencers, Chris Brogan. It was a simple post with little or no explanation as to why he was choosing 3 words instead of resolutions… but I instantly got it, and so it began.

I want you to understand the concept of this exercise, so here is how Chris explains it in his words (published in 2014)


How to Choose Your Three Words

Lots of people pick words that remind them to take a certain action, or to be a certain way. Over the years, I’ve used both methods. Sometimes, my words are a verb. Other times, they’re a bit more complex. The idea is to use the words as triggers for actions you intend to take, and maybe other actions you seek to avoid.


So 2014 was a year of being uncomfortable with being comfortable. I suffered some health setbacks due to lack of focus. I made a decision to pursue a career as a social influencer / strategist and build on my success with Sofrito Media Group after a 10 year career with T-Mobile came to an end. I simply decided that I needed to build my own dream job since I could not seem to find what I was looking for anywhere else.

In 2015… my 3 words were Decide.Commit.Succeed  [Read The  2015 Post Here]

And in both my personal life and professional I did just that.  in April of 2015 I moved my office from Long Island back to The Yard in Williamsburg, an amazing co-working space with beautiful conference rooms so that I can do my consultations.  I also had my first full calendar year as a full time business owner and had a pretty good year. I also deepened our relationships with brands we love like Hispanicize, Toyota, Project Enye, Royal Carribbean, Colgate and added new ones like Jet Blue.

In 2016… my words were Embrace.Ignite.Wander [Read The 2016 Post Here]

I do not think I have ever had a more transformative year. I embraced my health and family in ways I have not allowed myself to do in many years. I ignited my personal brand by taking lots of risks including lots of live video. I also transitioned some of the social media workshops I have been doing into a virtual format so that I can help small business owners anywhere in the world. I also took an opportunity to pitch a STEAM initiative to a community based organization that works with untapped potential kids on CUNY Campuses and managed to get a small grant to pilot the project. And finally, for the first time in my adult life… I wandered aimlessly around the country at conferences, speaking engagements, appearances and sometimes for now reason at all. Reconnected with Puerto Rico more than once and finally went to my first international destination as an influencer to experience Quito Ecuador. I have officially embraced the life of a digital nomad.

In 2017… my words were Renew.Build.Elevate [Read The 2017 Post Here]


Sooooooo enough about the past.

Here are the words that will guide my actions and set me up for yet again… the biggest year I have ever had.


Here is my breakdown


This is a continuation of last years “Renew”.

I continue to connect deeper with friends and family although after May, I experienced a series of painful losses including my Grandmother and immediately after Hurricanes Irma & Maria hit Puerto Rico. I found myself in a dark cloud of grief that I had no choice but to address thru therapy (shout out to the Puerto Rican Family Institute). I have also shifted in what I want personally in terms of life partnership. I have learned in the past month… that what works for me in business as far as structure and planning does not work for my personal relationships. I will be looking to be much more spontaneous and embrace all that comes with that even if it means altering what I thought was the perfect life plan. I need to slow down and cultivate what I have in front of me and not be so quick to wander. I will be more focused on living in a relentless state of gratitude, love and prosperity. I will recognize daily that my voice builds community and impacts lives and finally, I will also learn to release all that does not serve me.

Random thought: I need to dance again…


The brand has grown substantially with bigger and deeper partnerships forming. We had plans to launch a new property in 2017 called to focus on independent content creators and promote Latino film festivals. This was impacted by Hurricane Maria and I am 6 months behind but it will happen. There will also be another property launching sooner to address the Rebuilding Efforts in Puerto Rico called Puerto Rico Connect.

The growth was really driven in the second half of the year by my role in Puerto Rico recovery efforts and me raising my voice over the unfair recovery response of the United States Government. I have changed my stance on political engagement, I will continue to be a voice for the marginalized communities both aqui y alla. I will do so respectfully using the talents I have to build sustainable community projects that support food, water and energy sovereignty. Rebuilding is all about strengthening the Puerto Rico reality by building bridges between the diaspora and the island. I have chosen to lead a project with Nuestro Ideal that will do just that.

I will still be focused on growing the business, with a new acquisition to be announced soon. I am just not making it part of what drives me in the next 12 months. The business should be second nature after 21 years.


It is so crazy how time flies. This year Sofrito For Your Soul turned 20, Capicu Turned 10 and I feel like we have not done enough to tell those stories because we have been to busy doing the work. I begun to write my book #SocialSofrito to chronicle my life story and share the my philosopy of relationship building thru storytelling. Do not expect this to be a regular social media handbook… this will be a very unique perspective of the history of many of the projects I helped grow in the last two decades.

Most importantly, the book allows me to pay tribute to my grandmother Gloria Delrio (Mama) who passed away on July 15th, 2017. It has always been important to tell her story even when she was alive… it is more important now than ever.

This was made clear when I was in the mountains of Puerto Rico, on a humanitarian brigade hand delivering food to the people in their homes. A light rain suddenly ensued and I felt Mama all around me. It was like she has never been prouder… I didn’t realize it when I signed up or even while I was doing it but I was literally following in her footsteps by doing what she did for over 3 decades as the director of Meals on Wheels… feeding the elderly. I cried a weird mixture of sadness and happiness knowing that I am the heir to her legacy.

I will finish writing the book by her birthday in October…. and released on my birthday in 2019.

By the way… due to the incredible success of the Virtual Master Class, I have decided to add a newcycle that begins in February…

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These are the three words that will drive me to have the biggest year of my life and I promise to bring you along for the ride.

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Have a happy and healthy new year… and if you would like, share your three words with me in the comments section below or via private message.

No Resolutions For Me… Here Are My Three Words For 2018