Published On: Mon, Apr 29th, 2013

Discover The New 2013 Sentra & Enter To Win Great Prizes On Facebook!

Now that my kids are away at college, My wife and I will have to make some important decisions over the next coming months. Where will we vacation? Will we downsize from a house to a condo? Will we eventually relocate? Many questions, lots of negotiation in my future… but there is one decision that is mine… and all mine.

What will be my next car? A decision I am taking very seriously.

Now it is no secret…. if you have followed me long enough you know that we already made a decision on what she is driving… and you already know that I have been test driving some vehicles lately.  I am very confused about what I want, but I feel confident that when the right vehicle comes along, I will know it.  I recently was invited by my friends at Latina Mom Bloggers to share some news about Nissan’s exciting Facebook Fan Promotion to help people discover the new 1013 Sentra. I will get to that amazing promotion but not without first letting you know some of the things that caught my eyes as I browsed the Nissan USA website.




The all-new 2013 Nissan Sentra has earned the 5-star Side-Impact crash safety rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) New Car Assessment Program (NCAP).[*]


I am not a flashy guy, and I always selected a car that was more functional and not really focused on looks. My car was always a reflection of what I was doing in life and I think my next car will be no different. Today what I care about is getting great mileage, looking good, having a car that has the amenities I enjoy from the technology perspective and last but certainly not least it has to be comfortable.

So here are the things that stand out to me…

It is actually better looking that I thought and when I was playing with the “Build Your Car” feature, I discovered that I really liked this Metallic Blue color the most. This year’s Sentra is a far cry from the boxy Sentra I had when I was 25 years old… the design makes it look like it is in a class above the category it’s actually in.

I also like the technology it comes with, previously reserved for luxury car models such as navigation with back up camera, I-key with keyless entry and push-button start, iPod and MP3 interface, Bluetooth, XM, and Pandora Link, Tire pressure  monitor with audible fill alert and Dual-zone A/C because chances are we will never agree on the right temperature for the car.

Now I have not yet test driven this vehicle so I really do not know exactly how comfortable it is and how she handles, but I think that I have seen enough online to really consider reviewing this car a little closer to see if it will be a good fit. I know that a 30-39 mpg is not something to be ignored… so if you a shopping for a car… I suggest you give this new Nissan Sentra a look.

Now contests and the chance of winning prizes always makes things more exciting… so check out Nissan Español on Facebook, LIKE THEM and you will have an opportunity to win great prizes as you explore and learn more about the all-new Nissan Sentra 2013.  Do not forget to share with your friends… the more people LIKE them, the better the prizes get.

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 This is part of a sponsored campaign with Latina Mom Bloggers and Nissan to promote their new Facebook contest. However, everything else I shared is just because I like  telling you what is next in my life… that is something I have been doing for over 15 years, in other words… my opinions are my own.

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Discover The New 2013 Sentra & Enter To Win Great Prizes On Facebook!