Published On: Mon, Nov 9th, 2009

WEPA!!! New Features On Sofrito For Your Soul!


I actually had time to dip in my idea book and revisit some things I wanted to do but for one reason or another I have not been able to do. I had a chance to work on them so I figured I would post some of the common requests / questions that I get on the website that I wanted to address.

Before I begin, I will remind you all that this website (unlike other projects) is solely a labor of love and whatever little revenue it generates simply pays for the operating costs so the answer is "No, I cannot send you free samples of Sofrito"…unless Goya Foods wants to step up and do something with us.

Thanks to my friends at Cuponeando, the best website online for coupons for introducing me to a great gadget called the Wibiya Toolbar. Because of this toolbar we were able to make most of these new features available.

Mientras tanto…

Here is the list I was able to address…


Why don't you make a Spanish version of your website?

– Rita J from Seattle Washington

Although I do not think that a vast majority of people ask for this, I do think it is an important part of our culture.  I have added translation to not only Spanish but to a whole host of other languages spoken in countries I get lots of traffic from. All you have to do is use the little bar on the bottom of your screen.


I love interacting with you on Facebook, but what if I only want to see Sofrito postings?

– Maria O. From Dayton, Ohio

Great question…and I know that I am online often so there is a lot being said on the Urban Jibaro page about a range of topics. If you simply want to get Sofrito Updates via Facebook, you now have two options. You can join the official Sofrito Facebook Fan Page or you can get the postings via our Sofrito Page on Networked Blogs.


Last year you did a charity event
in NYC that I could not attend because I live in Arizona now. Can you
give displaced New Yorkers a place where they can contribute to these
causes that you give to? I have used ChipIn at my job and it is very
safe and effective.

– Lydia E. From Sierra Vista Arizona

for for the tip and yes. As a matter of fact, Thru Capicu Poetry, we are currently planning our 3rd Annual Pa'l Pueblo Charity Event that will
help deliver toys to over 100 children in the Bushwick United Headstart
Program. Every year we struggle with the NY Nuyorican / Latino
Community to make this happen and every year the amount of kids in the
program grows. Every little bit counts… 🙂 I have embedded the Chip
In Widget so that we can start early.

Click here
to see the event page, buy tickets, sponsor the event or make a
contribution. You can also see pics of the actual toys being
distributed by yours truly, Jibaro Claus


I have been on your site for a few years, lately you been talking about technology and social media a lot. Can you please just make that a section of your website instead of mixing it up? I only like the cultural stuff.

– Abby S. from Rhode Island

I heard you (and many other people loud and clear on this point.). I actually addressed this recently and have decided to create a totally new blog geared towards that topic and the services that Sofrito Media Group provides. Occasionally there may be crossover posts but I promise to keep it to things that are relevant to both technology and Latino culture like the I phone App, IParranda article we did these year.

You can read the following to get more clarity. Click here


I miss getting the Sofrito newsletter delivered to my email, can you bring that back?

– Claudio R. from Caquas, Puerto Rico

Yes, actually I have been thinking about that quite a bit. I have recently posted the sign up box so that people can begin to sign in for our new newsletter that will begin circulating in January of 2010. Make sure you sign up…and tell a few friends. We will also be selling very selective advertising packages to support that. As always this newsletter will have a very personal touch to it and will deliver nothing but quality cultural news and happenings.

I hope you enjoy the new features. If you have any questions or if you just have feedback, email me at

WEPA!!! New Features On Sofrito For Your Soul!