Published On: Mon, Nov 1st, 2010

Want to know why other bloggers think I am crazy?

Crazyjibaro My promise to you… is to deliver cultura…and it does not matter where it comes from…as long as it is good info.

I will explain why I say that. I recently had a round table discussion with some fellow (non-Latino) social media enthusiasts and bloggers, and we talked about our individual projects. Most of the conversation revolved around strategy and how each of us can become notable in our individual niches.

Then the question was raised about my twitter / facebook strategy…

"George, why do you promote your competitors so much…? You are driving your customers to them"

 I answered and they all looked at me like I was crazy…

"They are not my customers….they are my readers and they deserve the best, even if it is from another source".

One of them even said…

"How can you win? You always promote (insert Latino blog here), and they never reciprocate"… 

I quickly replied…"they do not have to"….

I will explain…

I started Sofrito For Your Soul because of my love for my culture when there were not that many sites out there for us…and there were not too many readers either. My blog was way ahead of it's time but I never intended for it to be a one stop shop for EVERYTHING ABOUT LATINO CULTURE… it was meant to be exactly what it is, a website that sparks interest in people to connect with Latino culture whether they are Latino or just love what we have to offer. Other websites have different objectives and promoting who they perceive to be a competitor may not fit in their method of operation, it does not make them bad people…they just have a different mindset.

I like making my own rules and I know that my readers return because we always have something new to offer…plus we reach way beyond the scope of the web and touch communities and provide real solutions to things that affect their lives….14 years of support show me I am on the right track. I do not expect anyone to think like I think…I see a bigger picture…. I guess that's why they think I am crazy.

The most important thing is that now both the genre and the readership has exploded into unbelievable numbers and by promoting these links, it allows me to broaden the scope of the conversations and explore topics that we have not been able to touch or different perspectives on some we have already discussed.

No one blogger will capture the entire "Latino" audience… it is impossible. As a lifelong student of everything cultural… I learn so much from other bloggers as I discover content on their blogs

My branding is clear…

"I connect people to their cultura"

So if you join our Facebook Fan Page or follow me on Twitter, be sure that you are getting great info and that nobody here thinks of you as "a customer" or just a number…

you are my reader and my job is always to deliver you the  best of what our culture has to offer whether it comes my blog or other cultural blogs I like, such as Efrain's Corner, Forward Latino, My Latino Voice or Being Latino.

Buen Provecho…

As I am,

George Torres

The Urban Crazy Jibaro


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Want to know why other bloggers think I am crazy?