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My Three Words For 2020

This has become my absolute favorite post of the year and for good reason. Ever since I decided to ditch the old resolution ritual for three guiding words to focus my energy on… the results have been phenomenal. I did not hit every goal but the quality of my life has progressively improved since 2015.

That said, I wanted once more to share it with you (earlier than usual)  in the hopes you will join me and shift your life for the better.

Today, I am happy to share my 2020 version of My Three Words.

So 6 years ago, I stopped participating in the New Year ritual of making a list of “resolutions”.

I am, however, a firm believe in self-improvement and I came across a blog post in 2014 by one of my personal favorite influencers, Chris Brogan. It was a simple post with little or no explanation as to why he was choosing 3 words instead of resolutions… but I instantly got it, and so it began.

I want you to understand the concept of this exercise, so here is how Chris explains it in his words (published in 2014)


How to Choose Your Three Words

Lots of people pick words that remind them to take a certain action, or to be a certain way. Over the years, I’ve used both methods. Sometimes, my words are a verb. Other times, they’re a bit more complex. The idea is to use the words as triggers for actions you intend to take, and maybe other actions you seek to avoid.

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Before I share my new words, I think I should share my 2019 words and how they impacted my quality of life and decision making in 2020.


I am pretty clear that my cadence has been to have one-word progress to the next based on performance. This year I almost feel like I am taking it all the way back to basics. I have had an incredible 21-year run but honestly, my goals are just not the same as they used to be. My children are all adults and I am officially single again (since Nov ’17). The focus has been on legacy but also on happiness.

If I learned anything from last year is that I need to be much more mindful of my surroundings and who is close to my circle. In the recent past, I have given people the keys to the house so to speak and they have been the first ones to cancel me when my friendship no longer served them.

So I am auditing everything… business opportunities, friendships, relationships, finances, investments, and capabilities so that in every case there is a positive ROI. I deserve to be around the best people, the kind of people that are mutually invested. Luckily for me, most of the people that I would have to distance myself from have already done that for me. As much as I may miss some of them, I respect their space and have chosen to love from afar.

I read this recently on a meme… “sometimes you have to go broke, lose the person you thought you loved, watch your friends turn into foes in order to get to where you are going. Elevation requires separation”.

So how did I do?

Let me just say that this was probably one of the hardest words to execute for so many reasons, the very first being… I love people. Loving people is what has guided me thru a lot of my successes. Giving away content for free, being generous with my time without prejudice has also been a major roadblock for me. Auditing helped me see that some people do not deserve that kind of access.

Auditing also made me realize that I needed to be a little more focused on being clear with intentions and goals in both my personal/public spaces. I have been riding this continuous wave of successes, but in reality I have been winging some things that turned out amazing but were not visualized and planned properly.

What made the difference? The Latina Oprah, Nancy Ruffin thats what.

(disclaimer, I collaborate with Nancy often and in March of 2019 she joined the Sofrito Media Group family to amplify her work).

That said… prior to Nancy joining our team, I went to one of her vision board workshops and I sat down and carefully thought about what I wanted. One of the biggest things I wanted to do was travel more… I put a whole bunch of pictures of destinations I may want to visit. To make a really long story short, I accomplished 60% of my vision board in less than 6 months and 80% of my list year to date… I still have 6 days to get to 100% 😉

One of the biggest surprises was that I would accomplish my travel goals by making the decision to go on sabbatical and write my book (#SocialSofrito). I accomplished this by accepting a position with my favorite airline and becoming a flight attendant so that I can clear the headspace in a way that would fuel my creativity.

Overall, I think I have done a great job in auditing and identifying key opportunities in how I can continue to improve my quality of life and choosing to be happy doing the things I really want to do.


I got a head start on this.

Aligning has everything to do with repurposing energy that I spent on the people that are no longer present and investing it all on me and my purpose. I have spoken a lot about traveling and making my world smaller… and in July I took a bold step into making that dream come true. I am proud to say that just days ago, I committed to something that will eliminate borders from my life and make the world much smaller in my life. Announcement coming soon… but I promise you, you will not believe its true. This shift will plant seeds of happiness in my life and allow me to align spiritually with my purpose in a very unique way.

What changed?

I started to double down on Self Love, it’s that simple. I started the process in 2018 to simplify my life, minimize material possessions, focus on happiness and start the real work on creating the legacy I want.

Now… I would love to say that it was easy and things just fell into place, I would be lying if I did. I took a lot of “L”s trying to make everything work and honestly, it did not all go as planned. I stepped away from people and things I have historically prioritized.

It was a mix… some relationships have improved significantly with me being more intentional and available for special moments in life. On the other hand, some relationships, like the one with my kids has to be reimagined as I am dealing with my shift as they are dealing with their own as adults. For example, I still have to figure out how to stay close and respect that they are beginning to experience new parts of their own lives. I have to be available to create new traditions and rituals with them… but this is going to be an ongoing process.

I also continue doing the work that will welcome love into my life, healthy love that adds to all the wonderful things that are unfolding in my life but respects the journey I am on.

I am also still struggling to live my healthiest life, I think that my new lifestyle will allow me to hack healthy living with a little guidance, planning, and persistence.


When you are in mixed company, you often put yourself in a place where you make yourself smaller to make others more comfortable. Once that happens, you start losing opportunities to people not doing as much but who are more vocal about the work that you are doing. That breeds erasure in certain circles… it opens up for people to revise history by omitting your contributions.

For someone that is super committed to making sure my clients are seen and heard, I have done a mediocre job doing this for myself. I have relied on word of mouth and have missed some key opportunities waiting for someone to recommend me when I should have been raising my hand all along.

Not anymore, I will give my work the respect it deserves by making sure my business is at the standard I set for business owners I serve in my consulting business. This, if done properly… will create the legacy I speak so much about.

You dont even know…

This is the word that scared me the most (ever), because it is the one that will fundamentally change my life if and when I get to the point where I executed on the first two words (which I think I have). Amplify is more than just one of my three words, it needs to be part of my DNA if I truly want to have an impact (which I do). I will tell you that my travel has created some new found interest in my work.

I have realized that something magical happened when I returned to doing things I love… for the love and this includes doing some of the things I never done before. And it is the natural growth I have seen with some of the engagement this year that I can confidently say that I have never been more “on brand” than I am now.

Overall I will say, all three of my words for 2019 mean more to me now that they have become more of a process that I will have to use in how I make any major decisions or create any new initiatives. This has been probably my best year as far as My Three Words goes.

So you are ready for my 2020 words?

Know that what I am about to share is not perfect, but it is my truth.


These last 6 years have all been about change, but not like the change you are about to see. For years, I have made it very hard to define who I am in the big scheme of things. This undisciplined approach allowed me to play in a lot of different spaces and really figure out who I am at my core.

and what I really am is…

a storyteller, I am a creator and a bridge-builder. Expect for me to share more of that than anything else in 2020. Understand that I will be more than a Hispanic, Latino, LatinX anything…

I will share what the core elements are as far as building/connecting communities and collaborating meaningfully in social spaces. This will go way beyond ethnicity.

and go back to podcasting, which I have been wanting to do for quite some time.

Psssst, here is the link to the podcast, available on Spotify, iTunes and most places you can find great audio content on. –

(subscribe and consider contributing to this powerful form of new media)

Does that make sense? (let me know in the comments)


More blogs, my book, thought pieces, tweets…. todo.

I think that my last statement says it all in a way but I will expand to say that I think I am ready to fully embrace myself as a writer and will be super focused on the book this year. Much of my social content will support ideas I am exploring as I put what I hope to be a valuable resource in your hands.

This means I write every day, no excuses.

Personally, I am also keeping a pretty detailed journal for documentation purposes. I am using Evernote and putting the right protocols in place to make sure this digital asset is preserved.


This word goes back to the core of everything… why I even started Sofrito For Your Soul in the first place. My goal is to teach, to spark interest to the point that you too, will want to share your stories, write about your journey and amplify our voices in the world.

The seeds for this have been planted long ago with me independently teaching social media/ branding workshops, sharing my story at some of my keynotes and even my role in the development of the Capicu School of Poetic Arts (La SOPA NYC).

I am happy to say, that I have just agreed to do some staff development work at an Ivy League University in NYC in January. This work will empower administrators and educators alike to really develop their digital using my Audit – Align – Amplify methodology I developed in 2019….

Talk about about a full circle moment huh? I am truly blessed to have this and many new opportunities to grow in the space I am meant to lead in.



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These are the three words that will drive me to have the biggest year of my life and I promise to bring you along for the ride.

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My Three Words For 2020