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5 Years In… It Is Still About My Three Words For The New Year.

This has become my absolute favorite post of the year and for good reason. Ever since I decided to ditch the old resolution ritual for three guiding words to focus my energy on… the results have been phenomenal. I did not hit every goal but the quality of my life has progressively improved since 2015.

That said, I wanted once more to share it with you (earlier than usual)  in the hopes you will join me and shift your life for the better.

So here is the 2019 version of My Three Words.

I stopped participating in the New Year ritual of making a list of “resolutions”.

I am, however, a firm believe in self-improvement and I came across a blog post in 2014 by one of my personal favorinfluencers, Chris Brogan. It was a simple post with little or no explanation as to why he was choosing 3 words instead of resolutions… but I instantly got it, and so it began.

I want you to understand the concept of this exercise, so here is how Chris explains it in his words (published in 2014)


How to Choose Your Three Words

Lots of people pick words that remind them to take a certain action, or to be a certain way. Over the years, I’ve used both methods. Sometimes, my words are a verb. Other times, they’re a bit more complex. The idea is to use the words as triggers for actions you intend to take, and maybe other actions you seek to avoid.


Here is my annual report card based on last year’s words.


This is a continuation of last years “Renew”.

I continue to connect deeper with friends and family although after May, I experienced a series of painful losses including my Grandmother and immediately after Hurricanes Irma & Maria hit Puerto Rico. I found myself in a dark cloud of grief that I had no choice but to address thru therapy (shout out to the Puerto Rican Family Institute). I have also shifted in what I want personally in terms of life partnership. I have learned in the past month… that what works for me in business as far as structure and planning does not work for my personal relationships. I will be looking to be much more spontaneous and embrace all that comes with that even if it means altering what I thought was the perfect life plan. I need to slow down and cultivate what I have in front of me and not be so quick to wander. I will be more focused on living in a relentless state of gratitude, love and prosperity. I will recognize daily that my voice builds community and impacts lives and finally, I will also learn to release all that does not serve me.

Random thought: I need to dance again…

This was probably the biggest win of my year. Understanding that one cannot pour from an empty cup I committed to therapy and making serious progress. It has helped me increase the level of gratitude I feel and this has been a driving force on how I navigated life in 2019. It has also given me more insight on how I choose to honor my grandmother. I think that my selection for this year’s first word reflects a deep desire to do a digital purge 0r “Despojo” of people and energy that do not serve me. Overall, I felt that “COMMIT” was a jump in the right direction.

and I danced a lot this year…


The brand has grown substantially with bigger and deeper partnerships forming. We had plans to launch a new property in 2017 called to focus on independent content creators and promote Latino film festivals. This was impacted by Hurricane Maria and I am 6 months behind but it will happen. There will also be another property launching sooner to address the Rebuilding Efforts in Puerto Rico called Puerto Rico Connect.

The growth was really driven in the second half of the year by my role in Puerto Rico recovery efforts and me raising my voice over the unfair recovery response of the United States Government. I have changed my stance on political engagement, I will continue to be a voice for the marginalized communities both aqui y alla. I will do so respectfully using the talents I have to build sustainable community projects that support food, water and energy sovereignty. Rebuilding is all about strengthening the Puerto Rico reality by building bridges between the diaspora and the island. I have chosen to lead a project with Nuestro Ideal that will do just that.

I will still be focused on growing the business, with a new acquisition to be announced soon. I am just not making it part of what drives me in the next 12 months. The business should be second nature after 21 years.

In college, I developed a certain brand of hustle that was remarkably dynamic. Although I did a lot back then, few projects were sustainable and some eventually fell by the wayside for the new shiny thing in my eyesight. This year… I kind of regressed to that cadence. Although I am not cool with the regression from a behavior perspective, I do recognize that it was probably for the best. Here is a breakdown; – I paused on this and simply never picked it back up. I think that my idea is amazing but I am struggling with creating yet another project that is super niche… and I would love to open it up to a more multicultural lens. I am thinking about a potential re-naming but I am committed to seeing it thru. Because of my 2019 focus, it may have to live the first year of its life as a column on the main blog. is an amazing idea, however, I did not realize at the time but one of my clients had approached me about her Puerto Rico project which is a literal translation of this project. Although the project is way different, I opted to pause this initiative. It doesn’t help that I launched a website called El Vejigante that never quite took off. I think I have been a little impulsive (like many people) in trying to help. I have found a great home with Nuestro Ideal and plan on seeing them thru some of the long-term initiatives we have been working on. I had planned on moving to Puerto Rico before the storm but that is still a very real goal… I think in my process of picking my second word, I will be more measured and be creative in how I can be present even though I am not quite ready to move.


It is so crazy how time flies. This year Sofrito For Your Soul turned 20, Capicu Turned 10 and I feel like we have not done enough to tell those stories because we have been to busy doing the work. I begun to write my book #SocialSofrito to chronicle my life story and share the my philosophy of relationship building thru storytelling. Do not expect this to be a regular social media handbook… this will be a very unique perspective of the history of many of the projects I helped grow in the last two decades.

Most importantly, the book allows me to pay tribute to my grandmother Gloria Delrio (Mama) who passed away on July 15th, 2017. It has always been important to tell her story even when she was alive… it is more important now than ever.

This was made clear when I was in the mountains of Puerto Rico, on a humanitarian brigade hand delivering food to the people in their homes. A light rain suddenly ensued and I felt Mama all around me. It was like she has never been prouder… I didn’t realize it when I signed up or even while I was doing it but I was literally following in her footsteps by doing what she did for over 3 decades as the director of Meals on Wheels… feeding the elderly. I cried a weird mixture of sadness and happiness knowing that I am the heir to her legacy.

Legacy is still very real, I have not been as disciplined as I have been in other areas. I wrote 5 chapters and then trashed them and started over and then life said… nahhhhhh b. I think that this is one of the most important cornerstones of my legacy so I will not rush the process. Pieces of this will come together as I start my 2019 Three Word Focus. One cool note was, I did get an opportunity to highlight the story about being in the mountains of Puerto Rico with a recent brand partnership with Modelo USA –> read it here.

Legacy work is happening every day…


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Ready for what’s next?

My Three Words For 2019 are;I want to preface this by saying that this year is way more personal than any other year. This year I will be talking about things that are not as social media friendly. I am so much more focused on showing up in this space in the most authentic way possible. I know that the people who really follow me and engage (my cultivators) will get it.

image1 (3)


I am pretty clear that my cadence has been to have one-word progress to the next based on performance. This year I almost feel like I am taking it all the way back to basics. I have had an incredible 21-year run but honestly, my goals are just not the same as they used to be. My children are all adults and I am officially single again (since Nov ’17). The focus has been on legacy but also on happiness.

If I learned anything from last year is that I need to be much more mindful of my surroundings and who is close to my circle. In the recent past, I have given people the keys to the house so to speak and they have been the first ones to cancel me when my friendship no longer served them.

So I am auditing everything… business opportunities, friendships, relationships, finances, investments, and capabilities so that in every case there is a positive ROI. I deserve to be around the best people, the kind of people that are mutually invested. Luckily for me, most of the people that I would have to distance myself from have already done that for me. As much as I may miss some of them, I respect their space and have chosen to love from afar.

I read this recently on a meme… “sometimes you have to go broke, lose the person you thought you loved, watch your friends turn into foes in order to get to where you are going. Elevation requires separation”.


I got a head start on this.

Aligning has everything to do with repurposing energy that I spent on the people that are no longer present and investing it all on me and my purpose. I have spoken a lot about traveling and making my world smaller… and in July I took a bold step into making that dream come true. I am proud to say that just days ago, I committed to something that will eliminate borders from my life and make the world much smaller in my life. Announcement coming soon… but I promise you, you will not believe its true. This shift will plant seeds of happiness in my life and allow me to align spiritually with my purpose in a very unique way.


When you are in mixed company, you often put yourself in a place where you make yourself smaller to make others more comfortable. Once that happens, you start losing opportunities to people not doing as much but who are more vocal about the work that you are doing. That breeds erasure in certain circles… it opens up for people to revise history by omitting your contributions. For someone that is super committed to making sure my clients are seen and heard, I have done a mediocre job doing this for myself. I have relied on word of mouth and have missed some key opportunities waiting for someone to recommend me when I should have been raising my hand all along.

Not anymore, I will give my work the respect it deserves by making sure my business is at the standard I set for business owners I serve in my consulting business. This, if done properly… will create the legacy I speak so much about.




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These are the three words that will drive me to have the biggest year of my life and I promise to bring you along for the ride.

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5 Years In… It Is Still About My Three Words For The New Year.