Published On: Wed, Nov 5th, 2014

My Daughter Got Her License & a Head Start on Safe Driving!

IMG_0616After promising my dad, I woke up bright and early on my Saturday morning to meet him at Auto Land Toyota for a Teen defensive driving course. Short of my apprehensions, my twin brother attended the course in New York, gave good reviews and even said they had food, so I sucked it up and got out of my big, comfortable college. I was greeted at the door with a Dj playing some of my favorite songs off of the radio and cheerful associates signing me in and directing towards breakfast. After grabbing a bagel my father and I sat down and awaited the course. Jim, the teacher/host was interesting, informative and charismatic. I enjoyed the interactive defensive teen driving course from the moment I handed my phone over to my dad to “graduation”, at the end… and he handed me my license that just arrived in the mail as a graduation present… it was so sweet.


This course was perfectly directed towards teen drivers and keeping us safe on the road. We are not invincible and those distractions on the road can be our downfall but with this great course Particularly, the break in the course where teens got to look under the hood of some beautiful Toyotas to locate some important parts of a car like the battery, radiator fluid, and tire jack was my favorite part of the course. It is empowering as a driver and female to not just know how to best drive but what is under my hood.


All in all I had a wonderful time last Saturday morning at Autoland Toyota’s Teen Defensive Driving Course. I would like to thank my Dad and Auto Land Toyota for a life course I will use all of my days and makes me a more confident and knowledgeable driver!


Disclaimer: This is part of a paid safety campaign for Toyota’s Teen Drive 365 Initiative… however, I am a big supporter of safety so all insight and opinion is my own. Bringing my twins to this class was not part of my work with this initiative, it was an investment in their safety.

My Daughter Got Her License & a Head Start on Safe Driving!