Published On: Tue, May 22nd, 2012

My Blogger Toolbox: For Productivity EVERNOTE is King!

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Now that I have my shiny new blog… I was able to add a technology category so that I can blog all about the cool geeky toys/tools I use to make it happen. The first app that I want to showcase is the one I probably use more than anything… EVERNOTE.

The problem it solves: Keeps my ideas organized, in one place… oh and it saves trees, anyone who knows me throughout the years can tell you I have notebooks everywhere, many of them would only be around about 10 pages before I ditched it for another fresh notebook. I used to jot ideas in the craziest of places like and napkins, business cards, cereal boxes, newspapers and that was just not productive. I constantly lost ideas and often found them after the project had already been executed only to find out that my original idea was better than what we actually did.

What it does: It is an app (or series of apps) that allows me to take notes, take pictures, record memos, videos and clip links to be used for my blogs, client projects, radio broadcasts and live shows. Notes can be sorted into folders, then tagged, annotated, edited, given comments, searched and exported as part of a notebook so that I can find things easily and have them ready when I need them… best of all… it syncs with my desktop. laptop, Mac Air, Android tablet, Blackberry and my HTC Amaze.

I encourage any creative person (writer, poet, curator, photographer, artist, journalist, broadcaster, blogger, event planner…etc) who lives a mobile lifestyle (like I do..) to add EVERNOTE to their suite of productivity tools so that they can maximize on their creativity instead of looking for post-its on your desk (like I used to do)

Get it for your PC, Mac,  IOS, Android or Blackberry now by visiting


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My Blogger Toolbox: For Productivity EVERNOTE is King!