Published On: Sun, Feb 23rd, 2014

Morir Soñando-Tony Peralta

Morir Soñando-Tony Peralta



Sofrito For Your Soul is proud to feature the talents of  J. Prosper, a camerman and digital/physical technician with creative experience in photography, who is now fully embracing his journey as a Director. Be sure to visit his website and follow him on twitter @JPR0SPER

Morir Soñando (direct translation: Die Dreaming) is a video series by Director J.Prosper that focuses on successful artists and entrepreneurs that will aim to debunk the phrase, “Starving Artist.” The intention behind these interviews is to display how hurdles are essential to self-improvement and success. We aim to use your voice and life as an example to inspire those who may feel voiceless or disempowered (for whatever reason) to believe in themselves and to work hard towards their own dreams despite hardships.

The first installment focuses on Tony Peralta…

M. Tony Peralta is a visual artist with roots in the Dominican Republic and Washington Heights, NY. Growing up in a single mother household where his upbringing was “straight Dominican Republic” and in the era where right across the bridge Hip-Hop was booming from the Bronx, his culture is experienced through his craft. Founder of The Peralta Project, an apparel company where people become canvases for his work because “not everyone can afford a piece of canvas.”, Peralta brings his fine arts to the streets.

We had the opportunity to sit down with Tony and listen to his story on how he founded an art company that represents the Dominican urban experience.


Feel free to share this series with friends and family that would love to hear the stories of our artistic legacy as Latinos.

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Morir Soñando-Tony Peralta