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Mi Gente! I Found A Gringa Loca Online…

699762 LOL… made you look…

While responding to a friend on Twitter @Miss_Rizos from I was checking out her blog and how it is all about curly hair. The website is in Spanish but it featured a young lady that I know well from our Capicu shows Carmen Mojica… so as I make my way all the way to the bottom… and l see a link for and I get curious.

With a name like Urban Jibaro, I can appreciate anyone with a funky online persona but what I uncovered here was an extremely talented director / screenwriter named Paloma Valenzuela who did a piece about Latino Pride… check it out!

Buen Provecho…

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A Side of Tossed Salad Mini-Documentary October 2008

A 6 Min. documentary about Latino communities in the United States and the importance of creating a bond with other Latinos living outside of their countries of origin. A focus piece on Dominican-American artist Massiel Grullon, and her community work painting murals in the Jamaica Plain neighborhood of Boston. 

Conceived and Directed by Paloma Valenzuela. Produced by Danielle Decourcey an active team member of La Gringa Loca Productions. Edited by Paloma Valenzuela and Danielle Decourcey.

About Paloma Valenzuela

Paloma Valenzuela is a playwright and aspiring screenwriter from the city of Boston. 

She studied dramatic writing at the NYU Tisch Summer Program and then became a Writing for Film and Television Major at Emerson College where she wrote and produced her very first full-length play, "RANT!" This play deals with issues of discrimination told through comedic vignettes and monologues. 

It was first performed at Emerson in 2008 and later, various scenes and monologues from it were selected for “The Next Stage”, a showcase performed at The Boston Center for the Arts in 2011 through the TC2 Theater Company.  

She also produced her first short film in digital video entitled “La Oficina”, which is a comedic Dominican-style, spin on the popular television series The Office. This short film was selected for the shorts competition in the Festival de Cine Global Domincano 2010. It was also selected for the Mujeres en Cortos 2011, a short film competition for female directors in Santo Domingo, D.R and also was selected to be screened at the ARTiculation {Working Title} Film Festival 2011 in Boston, Massachusetts. 

Later, she went on to intern at Artfire Films and production assist for 7ATE9 Entertainment and their Disney Channel promotional web-episodes in Los Angeles for her last semester at Emerson. 

She graduated in May 2009 and moved to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic to work as the Second AD for a Dominican sitcom, “Juanita’s Gran Salon y Spa” directed by popular Dominican director Angel Muñiz. 

She also worked temporarily as a screenwriting editor and writer for República Dominicana TV and their mini-series for the web “Por Amor a Mar” (project still pending). 

In the summer of 2010 she directed her first independent 60 min. film shot in digital video entitled, “Saturday” a funky completely bi-lingual film that tells the story of a young rebel boy who gets himself into trouble with some gangsters from the neighborhood.  

She is currently working on projects for 2011 in both Boston and the Dominican Republic. 

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Mi Gente! I Found A Gringa Loca Online…