Published On: Sun, Jan 13th, 2013

Mapo Music: Free Salsa Classic Mix Tape


Tonight I am remembering Mami’s cleaning ritual. Sunday Morning right after her cafecito, she would open the doors, pull the shades open and open every window in the house, break out the bottle of Mistolin or Fabuloso  and it was on. Todo una Diosa Domestica, she is ready to take her archenemies “el sucio y el desorden” and clean the house. From my perspective it really looked like a show… my mom was the star, the mop her dance partner and the sounds of the clave transformed our home into the Copacabana. What she lacked in vocal talent she made up with the corazon y alma she would belt out songs from some of the greatest Salseros of all time.

In the spirit of Sunday mornings in my house and with loving thoughts of my Mami… I want to share “Mapo Music” the first social mix tape from my Spotify collection…to inspire you to have your own ritual. I hope you will enjoy and share with the domestic god and goddesses you know.

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Here is the link to Mapo Music – 

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IMPORTANT: This is NOT a paid endorsement … I am just a really big Spotify fan!

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Mapo Music: Free Salsa Classic Mix Tape