Published On: Tue, Jan 15th, 2013

Magic, Music, and Revolution: The Hidden History of Bustelo

Freshly brewed off of my Facebook Timeline…

My friend Rich Villar tells us some things I know for a fact that you do not know about Bustelo Coffee.

Buen Provecho…

(you should grab a cup and sip as you read this post)



Already dreaming about the morning #Bustelo.


Did you know….


If you throw Bustelo grounds at two arguing parties, they will instantly stop and hug each other.


-If you add Bustelo to rose water, the flower will not only bloom faster, but it will actually sing a bossa nova to you. In Portuguese.


-When Bustelo is ground at the factory, it sounds like joyful unicorns and the laughter of six-month-old babies.


-Bustelo believes in your dreams.


-A cup of Bustelo was present at the signings of the Declaration of Independence, the Treaty of Paris, the Emancipation Proclamation, the Good Friday Irish Peace Accords, and the dissertation defense of Dr. Joyce Brothers.


-Most lottery winners and plane crash survivors drink Bustelo regularly. Why not improve your chances?




-Bustelo was banned in Arizona long before Shakespeare. Bustelo is a revolutionary act.





by Rich Villar




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Magic, Music, and Revolution: The Hidden History of Bustelo