Published On: Thu, Jan 8th, 2009

The Original Chicano Social Network…Lowrider Magazine.

As we all now, Social Networks have been the major news story for a few years now…almost makes me wonder what we did before we IM'd, MySpace'd, Facebook'd and Tweet'd (yes I make up words sometimes). One of the conversations I have with my co host "The Guy" on Radio Capicu is how we just aren't "SOCIAL" anymore…now if I sign your guest book, that actually qualifies as "keeping in touch").

Que jodienda…

That is a major driver behind most of what we (Capicu Poetry & Radio Capicu), are trying to do. Our goal is to actually give the people a voice in a world where ASCII text is the primary language. We have more Mobile phones than ever before…but we choose to text with them as opposed to calling people and hearing their voice. We have tried to show people that the social networks should only be a tool to find something to do…and your goal should be to leave the computer or put the blackberry and sidekicks down and go do it.

I will jump off the soap box and get back to my post…now you heard me talk about the beginning (as far as I remember) of Social Networking for Latinos when I discussed my memories of the AOL chat rooms and the MiGente Craze of the early 90's. Well I was researching a topic of my interest, which is the Lowriding culture and I found this great clip of an upcoming documentary called "East Side Story" that talks extensively about this culture. One of the most amazing things about this movement is how much different it is from the "gang culture" picture mainstream America paints when they reference it.

This, in my opinion that is the truest form of Social Networking, Low Rider Magazine actually was the focal point of many positive events and showcases this movement has had.  This magazine actually created an extended familia of people who socialized, had fun and worked towards a common goal…who can outdo each other with "el carro mas firme".

On a side note, one of my dreams is to one day have my own Lowrider…a Boricua influenced one with Taino images and Jibaros…showing Vejigantes and all that good stuff…My boy just told me that I better google a hobby store, buy a model and then commission Taino Spirit…because that will be the closest I will ever get to owning one.

I am still dreamin of hittin switches…

As I am

The Urban Jibaro aka The Boricua Carnal


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The Original Chicano Social Network…Lowrider Magazine.