Published On: Mon, Jul 2nd, 2007


Flyerseason2back In the city that never sleeps there is never a shortage of things to do…but with a night off the regular Capicu Cultural Showcase show, my business partner Paposwiggity and I decided to hit up the Broadway Comedy Club to experience Lose Control.

So we roll up to the club not really knowing what to expect…and before you know it, Andres " Chulisi" Rodriguez begins to acknowledge us as well as other guests. Almost instantly his take control comedic personality starts interacting with all of his guests in a very unique way. Although he is talking to (you) and making the experience very personal, he does so in a way that does not alienate the rest of the audience. His hosting style completely sets the stage for what is going to come next…just simply some of the funniest sketch comedy you will see. The humor is derived from familiarity…if you are Latino, you cannot walk out of this show not seeing someone in your family. I know I saw like my whole mother’s side of the family.

The show was off the hook with sketches like HOOK/SHOOK UP which shows you what can happen if you put Latinos on an anglo show like Change of Heart. THE INTERVENTION which was a Latino family trying to get help for a Latino…that is just TOO LATINO and has never assimilated to American culture. (I have an uncle like that…noooo joke). LATINOS ANONYMOUS (featured clip) which highlights a woman addicted to stealing souvenirs and capias from parties, a man addicted to lottery scratchoffs as well as a woman addicted to Novelas who actually looks like she is living one.

What is unique about this show (which actually reminds me of In Living Color meets House of Buggin) is that it reflects who I am as a Latino…young, bilingual and very diverse in cultural experiences. The show combines comedy with heavy doses of music, dance and poetry. That combination of elements really helps demonstrate the richness of our culture which is celebrated but also deals with real life experiences which may not be so pleasant. it also really allows the comedic actors to really showcase a multifaceted portfolio of talents. The featured performers that night were Caroline Hulsc, Yaritza Prendergrast, Nixaliz Rojas, Hector Lopez, Jazmine Villegas, Jerry Diaz, Jaime Fernandez. There is soooo much more to this show… and it is more than what I can possibly describe in this article . After talking to some regulars I realized that unlike other comedy troupes, Lose Control actually makes sure that every time you come to show…the experience is different. Just like an actual TV show…you get your doses of Lose Control in seasons.

Aside from the show, the venue was really conducive of what the show brings to the stage. The Broadway Comedy Club is conveniently located in the Broadway Theatre District. The club is known for featuring comics who have appeared on Letterman, The Tonight Show, Saturday Night Live, Mad TV, Conan O’Brien, HBO, Showtime, Comedy Central, and/or BET. The bar has a great drink menu and the drinks are average price for a NYC hotspot but are bigger than your average bar drinks (did someone say 20oz Pina Coladas?) and a great assortment of finger foods.

Again…in order for you to get a taste of Lose Control’s Comedic Sancocho…you will have to go down their personally. There is a $15.00 cover charge and a Two Drink Minimum. If you have a friend with you who is having a birthday…let the host know and get your cameras ready! I do not have a scoring system for reviewing shows but if I did I would give Lose Control 5 Quenepas!

The Broadway Comedy Club is located at 318 W. 53rd St. , right off the corner of Eighth Avenue and in the heart of the Broadway Theater District.

Their next two shows are July 13th and July 27th…All shows start at 7pm sharp!!!

For More Info about Lose Control click here or see them on My Space

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