Published On: Mon, May 24th, 2010

Los Transmorfers: Vatobots vs. The Deporticons


Here is a video from the Latino Comedy Project spoofing Transformers and Arizona's controversial SB1070 immigration law. I love the concept and the special effects…check out their website…listed below…for much more of what they do…

If anyone is wondering…If I were a "Transmorfer…I would be a VATOBOT!….

Buen Provecho…

George Torres
The Urban Jibaro

The Latino
Comedy Project (LCP) is an Emmy-nominated multimedia sketch comedy troupe whose unique brand of fast-paced multicultural satire strikes a chord with both Latino and mainstream audiences alike.

Of the LCP's debut performance, "The Austin Chronicle" wrote: "The Latino Comedy Project is funny, hysterical enough that you leave the performance with a gut aching from deep belly laughs…Snappy writing, immaculate timing, and an animated cast. It's almost enough to restore your faith in the concept of sketch comedy."

"The Austin-American Statesman" writes: "At times witty and clever, at times absurd and slapstick, the LCP produces an original mix of ribald and intelligent comedy. With perfect timing, sharp writing, and a whopping dose of animated goofiness, the LCP proves that bitingly original sketch comedy is alive and well and Latin!"

"The San Francisco Chronicle” called the LCP “hilarious” and “murderously funny.”

The LCP's immigration-themed spoof of the film "300" became a breakout viral video hit on To date, the LCP's YouTube videos have received ten million views worldwide. The LCP cast also wrote and starred in an MTV3 comedy ad campaign for which they received a 2009 Emmy nomination.

As a seasoned touring troupe, the LCP has performed with Carlos Mencia, Fred Willard, Gabriel Iglesias, Pablo Francisco and Rob Corddry of "The Daily Show." among others. They've performed at colleges across the nation, and have been featured at the Big Stinkin' International Comedy Festival, The Latino Laugh Fest and nationally renowned Sketch Fests in Seattle, San Francisco, Chicago, and Canada. They're bad. They're brown. They're the Latino Comedy Project!

For more, visit these official LCP profile pages:






Los Transmorfers: Vatobots vs. The Deporticons