Published On: Thu, Nov 12th, 2015

Living With Diabetes: How I Stopped The Suffering.

I’m excited to announce that I’ve partnered with Colgate Total to bring you #30DaysofLOL to raise awareness of the potential link between diabetes and oral health.


Getting a Diabetes diagnosis can really turn your world upside down because choosing to stay healthy is going to take some commitment and lots of hard work. When I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and I shared my condition with my family I heard the usual “that’s what you get for eating too much candy” and dozens of other stereotypical “myths.” I knew most of it was not true, but the one thing that really bothered me was the feeling that I was just handed a death sentence.

It seemed like every time they would talk about me they would say a phrase that would make me cringe… “El sufre de diabetes” which translates to “he suffers with diabetes.” This can be true for many people believe it or not… people with diabetes struggle with little things daily that can really get you down, if you let it. I made a conscious decision not to let diabetes get me down.

Now I do not want to minimize the seriousness of my condition, diabetes is a very serious disease that has deadly consequences if not treated, but I cannot see myself waking up every day and just suffering. Instead I choose to live a longer life by learning to manage my diabetes and living a happier, healthier life, despite my diagnosis.

In the spirit of paying it forward, I have once again teamed up with Colgate Total® and I will share what I am doing in my personal life to make a difference as part of their “30 days of Laughter” campaign… more on that later but for now, let me share some tips on how I am improving my quality of life.


Portrait Of Medical Team At Nurses Station

You need TEAM WORK!

Build a Great Team

Your Doctor, Endocrinologist, Podiatrist, Ophthalmologist and Dentist are all very important in the “living” part of your journey. They are there to guide you. Make sure that when you go to see any of them that you have open and honest communication. Have questions ready that matter to you that will help them guide you to a better place.


I have lost 120 lbs in the last two years and feel better than I have in the last 4 years and it is due to me taking the steps to make sure I have these important conversations.


vegetables and fruits

Every meal is an affirmation of LOVE!

Love Yourself More

The thought of me losing me… is scary. I learned that only love will help me get through this. I have learned to love myself by making healthier choices in general, but nothing says I love you more than just eating things that will promote a healthier lifestyle. I have found some great chefs and bloggers that consistently share healthier remixes of foods I love and I am starting to incorporate that into my daily meal plans. Honestly this is a big struggle due to my travel schedule, but it is a work in-progress… I do love myself, so I am worth the effort.



raised hands

I am a student of life…

Never Stop Learning

Despite all the great people around me educating me on the topic of diabetes, there are things I still do not know. One of the biggest things that I did not learn (literally until about two years ago) is how important oral hygiene is when it comes to diabetic care. Full disclosure… I have recently suffered tooth loss due to my condition and I am working with my Dentist to make better strides with my dental health. I recently learned that Colgate Total® has an Oral Care Resource Center that has a lot of information.. This is a must read for anyone who is recently diagnosed.




Yellow balloon with cheerful face replacing businessmans face

Choose happiness every day!


You will have good days and bad days. If you have a good day CELEBRATE IT in your own special way. If you have a bad day, remember that you can always make a change and lots of little changes make a big difference. You cannot let a bad day bring you down. Reason being, if you are down in the dumps you are less likely to succeed in making the right choices.

I know this from experience. Just last year I celebrated significant weight loss, an A1C of 7.9 (down from double digits) and a much more active lifestyle.

I combine things that make me happy and promote health… for example this past week I attended a business expo at the Jacob Javits Center in NYC and I walked the entire length of the Highline to enjoy nature, art and get some serious exercise. When I looked at my FitBit results at the end of the day I had over 11k steps and had walked over 5 miles. I cannot even tell you how good it felt to make that happen. I have been smiling a lot more than I used to, especially when people around me see the change.

Laughter is truly the best medicine so be sure to follow the #30DaysofLOL hashtag on social media and together – let’s promote healthy oral health.

For more information on the campaign, here’s a link to the “30 Days of Laughter,” press release.

For more info about diabetes and oral health, click on


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Living With Diabetes: How I Stopped The Suffering.