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Can One Create Content & Blog Without A Laptop? I Prove It Can Be Done


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Watermarked Photo (2015-09-29-1058)As a content creator that is always on the go I can tend to pack heavy. Tripod, monopod, selfie sticks, external batteries, my laptop etc. etc. also make sure that I can catch the right moments  unfolding and quickly upload them to the timeline of my choice. The most important thing I pack is the phone that will capture it all. Lately, I have been looking around for something that will help me move the process of quality content creation off of my laptop.

Ever since I had a desktop, I aspired for ways to do this faster and more efficiently… eventually buying a laptop and smaller cameras. I eventually started leveraging smartphones but for a long time I had to go home and figure out how I was going to upload, archive and create content in a timely fashion. I failed miserably.

This is my attempt to free myself from this content shuffle…

It all starts with the HARDWARE

I am always on the go, email, social media, content creation, video chat it all happens in one place on my device and for the past two weeks I’ve been taking the LG G4 powered by AT&T for a test drive to see if it has what it takes to be my go to device when it comes to creating content in real time. First I will tell you the three key features that got my attention.

The Camera – Seriously the most important feature on any smartphone for a content creator. The G4 sports two cameras… a 16mp camera that has more pixels for pictures that truly take advantage of the color spectrum. The Image Stabilization feature is great for people like me with shaky hands or in instances when my selfie stick is trying to get that great angle shot. The 8mp camera makes sue I look good on Periscope!

The Display – it has a 5.5″ IPS Quantum Display which has increased brightness to help you with that sun glare, 50% more contrast (whiter whites, blacker blacks) and increased color accuracy which is especially crisp when I playback the video. Last but not least what is under the hood.

The Tech that makes it all come together…. This phone features a Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 808 processor that makes multitasking (editing photos, videos and posting) effortless with no lag time. The 3,000 mAh battery gives you most of your time back (from finding outlets in random places to charge) but the winning feature is the Smart Power Saving Mode which just makes sure that you are only using the power you need. Now that all sounds great when your reading it but what did it really mean to me I really needed to know if this phone (which is beautifully crafted with a minimalist design) has what it takes to be my main phone. So I tested it with my 4 go to apps for creating great content on the fly. These are apps I totally recommend for creating content on demand.    

Screenshot_2015-09-29-08-38-01Persicope is such a tricky app, it requires lots of resources in regards to data and battery life. Periscoping on the G4 was amazing primarily due to the 8 mega pixel front facing camera. I cam personally see the difference in the color depth and detail. I used it in harsh conditions, 90 degree + weather at the Native American Festival and the San Gennaro’s Fest with some glare and the G4 handled it well and did not heat up like other phones can sometimes do. Are You on Persicope? Follow me… @UrbanJibaro and you will see what I am talking about.        



OScreenshot_2015-09-29-08-33-01ur content is is critical to building our brand, but in today’s very busy timelines… it is so easy to have people borrow and repurpose your original images. I use the premium version of iWatermark to add my logo or client branding. This allows me to take a hundreds of photos in a single folder and add the logo or watermark. I had to process 125 photos with a private clients copyright notice and watermark… I was able to do it in 62 seconds on the G4.  Check out the free version of iWatermark in your Google Playstore.      



Screenshot_2015-09-29-08-32-19What do you do with all those great pics and b-roll footage that you really cannot use independently? You can do short form video (2 minutes for Facbook, 15 seconds for Instagram / Twitter and 6 seconds for Vine). Well my go to app for anything that cannot wait for my video editing team is Magisto. Apply filters, add text, apply transitions and beautiful music to accompany those special moments and get it up in no time at all. The video posted below… was shot on the G4 and created on Magisto in less than 5 minutes… totally worth the few bucks to upgrade to premium.    



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Screenshot_2015-09-29-08-34-28Now as you already know, Swipe is available on all Android phones nut when it comes to blogging or writing a longer form email… you need something faster. I use Dragon Remote Microphone to quickly use my dictation apps and speak my blog posts into existence. I save a lot of time on typing (mostly because I have a bad habit of typing and editing at the same time). Mind you, I still have to edit but this is still faster than typing on a smartphone keyboard. This capability allows me to really tap into the processing power the phone has to create full bodied blog posts in just minutes with a very good accuracy rate.


In closing, I think that the G4 is a premium, feature rich smartphone (that is priced right) and if used properly can really help you produce high quality content. I have not even told you how it keeps me up to date with my binge watching on Netflix and social media management via Hootsuite… but trust me it does

The most powerful representation of this statement is the fact that I created this blog post and every bit of content I shared on this post was created on the phone without every having to touch my laptop. This is something I have attempted several times with other phones and have been unable to do. I still have to pack a few things but the G4 has just lightened my load.

If content is king… The G4 is mi new [mobile] palace. Find out more about the LG G4 on AT&T’s website

I can’t see you…maaan! (Me yesterday as I was touring the boros)

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Can One Create Content & Blog Without A Laptop? I Prove It Can Be Done