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Let’s Pray For Yomo Toro…King of the Cuatro!

On behalf of Yomo Toro‘s wife Minerva and daughter Denice Toro, the family wishes to acknowledge all the wonderful well wishes and outpouring of love from the legendary cuatro (guitar) masters’ fans and friends from all over the world. Yomo has been suffering from kidney failure due to many years of high blood pressure. According to his doctors, he is too frail and senior for a transplant and his prognosis does not look well.

The family requests the public’s respect of their privacy during this sensitive and trying time regarding Yomo’s health and diagnosis.

In the meanwhile, during this difficult time, expressions of love, well wishes, chants and prayers to Yomo are welcomed until further notice. Yomo Toro’s page can also be found over

There has been a lot of miscommunication over the internet regarding Yomo’s health. Official statements from the family will update the press and many fans. We thank you for your concern and cooperation.


La esposa de el gran cuatrista Puertorriqueño Yomo Toro, Minerva Toro junta a la hija Denise Toro aprecian el sentimiento de amor que sus amistades le han brindaro a Yomo durante este tiempo adonde Yomo se encuentra combatiendo insuficiencia renal por causa de la alta presion. Los doctores han determinado que Yomo se encuentra muy fragil para un transplante. El prgonosis no es bueno.

Mientas la familia esperan mas noticias de los medicos, le piden que respeten sus sentimientos en estos tiempos dificiles y simplemente envienle mensajes de amor, amistad, salud y oraciones a Yomo Toro a su direccion

Yomo Toro

Date of Birth:
26 July 1933, Guánica, Puerto Rico

Birth Name:
Víctor Guillermo Toro Vega Ramos Rodríguez Acosta

Born in Ensenada, Puerto Rico as the son of an amateur guitarist,Yomo Toro grew to have a five-decade career as one of New York City’s best respected Latin musicians. Toro’s instrument of choice was the cuatro, a Puerto Rican 10-string guitar-like instrument descended from the Spanish Vilhuela.

After first landing in New York in 1953 with his band, Los 4 Aces, Yomo embarked on a series of tours of the Caribbean, finally settling for good in the Tremont section of the Bronx in 1956. He played with Trio Los Panchos in the early ’60s and recorded four albums with them, including one featuring Eydie Gormé.Soon after that he began recording with the legendary Fania label, eventually joining their world-famous house band, the Fania All-Stars. During the late ’60s and early ’70s he hosted a tv show called the Yomo Toro Show on New York’s Channel 41.The show, which featured interviews and entertainment from a host of Latin personalities, was on for seven years. 1969 was an especially fruitful year for Toro. He recorded Tribute to Arsenio with the Larry Harlow Orchestra — an incredibly influential salsa album.Toro also got to hook up with some legends in 1970 when he recorded the classic Asalto Navideño with Willie
Colon and Hector Lavoe, combining the new sounds of NewYork salsa with traditional Puerto Rican Christmas music.The album was, and continues to be, one of Fania’s best-selling products of all time.

In the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s Toro’s career continued non-stop. He appeared on over 150 albums, recording over 20 solo albums for Fania, Island, Rounder and Green Linnet Records. He broke back into television and film, playing on commercials for several major international companies and working on the soundtracks for several films, including Crossover Dreams with Ruben Blades and Woody Allen’s Bananas. He broke out into many different genres, recording with Harry Belafonte, Paul Simon, Linda Rondstadt and David Byrne. In 1994, Yomo began playing and recording in the Latin Legends with Larry Harlow and Aldaberto Santiago. Today, his rapid fire guitar strains are heard over Zon del Barrio’sCortijo’s Tribe CD and the single “Homenaje al Sonero Mayor” where Yomo soars on solos that let him stretch and expand his virtuosity on strings.


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Let’s Pray For Yomo Toro…King of the Cuatro!