Published On: Thu, Sep 25th, 2014

Lemon Andersen invites La Sopa NYC and the Poetry Community to the Metropolitan Museum Of Art

XLemBrooklyn NYC. September 25, 2014. In the tradition of Shakespeare, his sardonic reportage presents the history of that which has influenced the world around him and his becoming. In his stories he recounts the tragedies of his people, weaving in reminders that there is still beauty and tenderness throughout the otherwise brutal process of hewing a man in this concrete jungle. Norwegian/Nuyorican poet Lemon Andersen has experienced lows and highs that surpass that of the average man, yet he still manages to retain the humility of the every man.

In Williamsburg, Brooklyn, on the second Friday of every month at Capicu Culture’s Peoples Open Mic, poets throw down in what feels like a house party at your favorite family member’s crib. The series has run for over 7 years, welcoming those who are ready to read their poems in front of people for the first time alongside seasoned writers who have been published and received national accolades. Even when Lemon features, or hits the open mic at Capicu, there is no air of superiority, only respect for the passion of poetry amongst those who live it, breathe it and strive to make sure that our stories our told. As keepers of the craft, we felt the responsibility to provide a learning space for those who wish to hone their artistic talents. Last Spring, the Capicu School of Poetic Arts, (La Sopa NYC) was born in the Bushwick classrooms of Boricua College. As he is Brooklyn born and bred, and we are sharing that which has allowed him to fulfill many of his goals, Lemon has long wanted to participate and contribute.

This Saturday September 27th at 1:30 PM he invites the La Sopa NYC poets and our friends to join him at the Metropolitan Museum of Art for a free The Art Of Words workshop that is part of the Met’s annual ¡Fiesta! Celebrating Latin American Culture festival which is also featuring Ballet Hispanico and modern folkloric band YerbaBuena.

Our own La Sopa classes begin next Saturday, October 4th, making this is an amazing appetizer for wpaposmallhat’s to come in our workshops with Rich Villar and Keith Roach. La Sopa Co-founder, Dean and host of the Capicu People’s Open Mic, PaPo Swiggity Santiago, will sit down for a Q & A session to discuss the promotion of urban poetry as part of the workshop. PaPo has many titles but considers himself a Community Organizer For The Arts. Lemon told me, “Capicu poetry nights in Willy B is one of the few places I can feel close to my upbringing as an artist and New Yorker. The poets who jump on their stages should have access to the information they might find missing in their work.” If we are to be taken seriously, if our stories are to resonate, they must be well crafted and there must be powerful work ethic surrounding our chosen discipline. PaPo and Lemon, both humble Brooklyn Latinos, have been relentless and their hustle has led them to this opportunity to discuss poetry in one of the most prestigious venues possible in New York City.

“This is not ‘Lemons theory on spoken word poetry’,” he maintains, “This is ‘Lemons ass showed up to the work and now he wants to share his experience with his community in one of the greatest Museums in the world.’ I see the hunger to be heard but there’s a true art in making folks care enough to listen. Punto.” The Metropolitan Museum of Art- opened in 1870- is the largest art museum in the United States and is visited by approximately 5 million people annually. As a fledgling poet in my teens, the Met was one of the places that I went to for inspiration and peace. It was there that I strove to match the quality of rasa* I felt there, in my writing. Lemon’s invitation was kismet. He believes in the importance of inviting the native New York community to the Museum opening up the possibility of a relationship with two worlds that exist side by side, but rarely cross paths unless, as he mentions, there is a school trip. And strangely, enough, that’s exactly how this turned out. With me bringing my class, on a school trip, to see our boys break boundaries. In all my years going to the Met, I’ve never seen “my people” there. The ancestors of my people? Yes. But the street, the poets, and everything that I am in my community? Never before. It may have existed, but it hadn’t touched my life just yet. This Saturday, the Met is ours. Lemon made sure that he accentuated that. This, mi gente, is ours.

Please join us for The Art of Words with Lemon Andersen this Saturday, September 27th, at 1:30pm, a family event that is part of the ¡Fiesta! Celebrating Latin American Culture at the Met cultural festival! Workshop is FREE with Museum Admission- admission is free for children under 12 with an adult. (Signs give Suggested Prices of $25, however our suggestion is to donate $10!)

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*rasa – denotes an essential mental state and is the dominant emotional theme of a work of art or the primary feeling that is evoked in the person that views, reads or hears such a work.

Guest Post by Jani Rose–  Poet, educator, Co-founder and Dean of #LaSopaNYC



Lemon Andersen invites La Sopa NYC and the Poetry Community to the Metropolitan Museum Of Art