Published On: Sat, Jul 25th, 2009

LATISM Heritage Tour is Coming to Texas, New York and Florida! #Latism

Socialmedia Familia…
So this week was very interesting, as you already know I made a pretty big announcement. My company Sofrito Media Group will be hosting the NY stop on the LATISM Heritage Tour this October 1st and 2nd in NYC. LATISM stands for Latinos In Social Media and we will be hosting 2 day summits in Texas, New York and Florida. I was invited by Ana Roca-Castro and Louis Pagan, two high profile social media consultants to join a dynamic team of Latinos  that includes Juan Tornoe (Texas) and Nancy Arroyo-Perez (Florida).

The first national tour taking place in three states – NY, TX, FL – during the Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15th – October 15th).

This two-day event will provide a networking opportunity and conference presentation, bringing together the leading minds and innovators in social media and technology.  

All are welcome to learn, understand and support Latinos in the current dynamic social media enviornment.

With 21 million projected Latino internet users by 2010, Latinos are adopting social media as their primary source of communication, news and entertainment faster than any other group.  Their buying power is projected to reach $1.3 Trillion by 2013. 

It is paramount to learn what cultural factors are driving this shift, and understand how to reach Latinos where they are primarily active in emerging technologies.

N74697431599_7351 The Latinos In Social Media Heritage Tour, will present these topics and more: 

-Latest trends in social media and effective marketing strategies. 
-Case studies of top brands/companies; challenges and obstacles.
-Developing and social media technologies and trends
-Latino culture, heritage, demographics in the U.S. today

We believe the best way to reach Latinos is through Latinos.  LatISM will bring Bloggers, Twitters, Facebook, MySpace, Hi5, LinkedIn Leaders and many more together to learn about the latest Social Media trends.  All this while celebrating our culture!

We kicked off our launch with a Twitter Party sponsored by Walmart. We were able to give away some great prizes to some people that really leveraged their network to get the word out.
Congratulations to the winners:

@Ahauldri – iPod Shuffle
@MaximumTV – $50 Walmart Gift Card
@Jennergy_Writes – $50 iTune Gift Card
@Lucymfel – iPod Shuffle
@Carogonza – $50 Walmart Gift Card

We're working on a LATISM Directory to show everyone's Twitter accounts, Blog links, Business Websites and so forth. This will be a great way of promoting our work and support one another.

Join the Latinos In Social Media Facebook group if you are a  Latino who blogs, tweets, connects, tags, bookmarks, works & enjoys Social Media!

What is next?

Stay tuned to our Facebook group for key announcements for the two day LATISM Summit that will include more twitter parties, more giveaways, meet-up, networking events and who will be speaking at this event.

LATISM Heritage Tour is Coming to Texas, New York and Florida! #Latism