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Latinos In Arkansas Mean Business…But Where Is The Culture?

AR_02 Alabama, Alaska and Arizona all turned up some great info about Latino life and cultural institutions that have surfaced in recent years breaking myths that Latinos only exist in NY, Chicago, California, Texas and Florida. Now what I found interesting about my search in Arkansas turned up lots of entries but almost all of the business and political in nature.

I applaud all that organizations like The New Latino Movement is doing out there but we need a daily dose of Cultura…

The Latino demographic in Arkansas according to Encyclopedia of Arkansas

In 2005, Latinos surpassed African Americans to become the largest minority in the nation, and their pace of growth is greater than the white majority. The latest estimate finds 44.7 million Latinos in the United States, or 14.7 percent of the population, as of September 2006.
Due to a boost over the last two decades (according to the 2000 Census), Arkansas Latinos surged by 337 percent from 1990 to 2000, reaching a total population of 86,866. In October 2006, this number was adjusted by the Census Bureau to 141,053, or five percent of the state population. Many Latino leaders believe that the official numbers fell short by at least thirty percent, comprising both legal and illegal immigrants. The Pew Center estimates that there were at least 40,000 undocumented immigrants in Arkansas in 2006. A Winrock International survey estimated that fifty-one percent of all immigrants in Arkansas were undocumented. The Latino community continues to expand more rapidly than other ethnic groups, mainly due to new immigrants, a higher birth rate, lower adult mortality, and lower infant mortality rates.
To date, it is estimated that most Latino residents in Arkansas live in Benton and Washington counties, with nine percent in both Pulaski and Sebastian counties, 3.3 percent in Sevier County, and 2.3 percent in Garland County.

So I have good news and bad news… 


I found a website called Hola Arkansas that seemed to be very clean, well organized and had tons of new articles about Latino Life in Arkansas as well as commentary on national news of interest.


The Arts and Culture section seems to be defunct. In the most recent article headlines I saw was referencing IN THE HEIGHTS winning a Tony Award… AWESOME, only thing is… that happened in 2008.

So I need help… I am going to move on to the next state but I need help finding out what is going on in Arkansas. so I need you to jump on My Space, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or even Mi Gente, connect with me and find out if anyone you know is in Arkansas and see if they can give you any leads to what is really happening  in that community. Gracias!!!

You can also get a much deeper insight of entire Latino history of Arkansas by clicking on this link…

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Latinos In Arkansas Mean Business…But Where Is The Culture?