Published On: Tue, Sep 25th, 2012

Latino Trailblazers: Dr. Marta Moreno Vega

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Today’s Trailblazer is Dr. Marta Moreno, institution builder, professor, author, filmaker and priestess. Born in El Barrio “Spanish Harlem” of Puerto Rican parents born in Puerto Rico. Dr. Vega, an Afro Puerto Rican, has dedicated her professional life to developing culturally grounded institutions placing the history and culture of African descendants in the Diaspora in the time clock of world history. She is founder and president of the Caribbean Cultural Center African Diaspora Institute, an international not for profit organization located in New York City which she created in 1976.

Dr. Moreno Vega has conducted extensive research in Yoruba Belief systems in the African Diaspora and has organized three international conferences uniting scholars and traditional leaders who are experts on these religions.


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  • Jaime “The Maestro” Emeric

    A true pioneer on may fronts and a blessed soul who shares her EVERTHING with all, very freely, generously and with a sincere deep wisdom she conveys at all times. It should also be noted, that despite her tremendous achievements inclusive of many international accolades, she maintains herself as Ambassador to all peoples and one of the most approachable personalities of such a global stature of acclaim. Ache to our Sister!

Latino Trailblazers: Dr. Marta Moreno Vega