Published On: Sun, Jan 26th, 2014

The Latino Paradox Project Needs Your Help!

LatinoParadox_logoMeag_mHealth“As a part of the Millenial Trains Project, I am taking a journey cross-country to celebrate the deep Latino culture and collaborate with community leaders, local organizations and members of the community to discover new ways to spread these values far and wide.

We know Latinos, among other minorities, are predisposed to increased risk of negative health outcomes, BUT what if we knew why, despite low socioeconomic status and a myriad of chronic diseases, Latinos tend to live longer than non-Latinos? Moving beyond the traditional laboratory

research, my project will dig deep into the future and explore the limitless possibilities of what happens when we stop and ask people, “What does it mean to be you?”

To spread his beautiful message, I need your support. I have pledged to raise $5,000. Your contribution of $10 will directly help strengthen the voice of our communities!

Please check out my campaign, and consider supporting directly on the site: Meag’s Latino Paradox Project 

Thanks to @UrbanJibaro who has offered his clear vision and invaluable mentorship on this project!

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The Latino Paradox Project Needs Your Help!