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Who Are The [Latino] Heroes In Your Neighborhood? #3Mpact #Hispz15

hispanicizeheroWe all know them…

They are the people that make moves, build bridges and make things happen in our community day in and day out. They do it for the love of community and need no thanks. You have watched them grow, build coalitions, effect change, mentor people, create platforms, help the less fortunate, empower others, instill pride and build leaders. They are always there, present to take on the next challenge. If they do not have money, they raise it. If the community has a problem, they solve it. If there is a void, they fill it. When people seem to give up, they push harder.

They are Latino community builders and you have seen the change they inspire.

Isn’t it time we say THANK YOU, for having a positive impact on others?

You can and it is simple… tell us who your neighborhood hero is by nominating them for the 2015 Positive Impact award and help us tell their story to a nation of Latinos looking to be inspired.





Positive Influencers – Jorge Plasencia, CEO República

Winners will be flown in to Miami to receive their award at a major gala being produced at Hispanicize 2015

National Call and Criteria for Nominees

Following is the criteria for Positive Impact Awards nominees:

– Nominees can be of any ethnicity (part or whole), resident status, educational level, age, work and/or professional background.

– Candidates can be nominated in one of several categories, including: General, Health, Education, Social Work, Music, Film, Entertainment, Legal, Business/Entrepreneurship, Journalism, Social Media, Technology, Mentorship, Public Service and Military.

– Nominees do not have to be affiliated to any non-profit or organization, although non-profit organizations are encouraged to nominate their most outstanding volunteers,

– There are no age restrictions. The nomination of teenagers and young adults is encouraged.

– Aspiring candidates can self-nominate or be nominated by someone else.

– Special consideration will be given to individuals who achieve their magnanimity through volunteerism

– The top  finalists will be asked to produce two letters of recommendation and submit a two-minute video on YouTube explaining their work and what the nomination means to them.


About Hispanicize 2015

Now in its sixth year, Hispanicize 2015 Week ( (#Hispz15) is the iconic, largest annual event for Latino trendsetters and newsmakers in journalism, blogging, marketing, entertainment and tech entrepreneurship. A production of the Hispanicize companies that include the Latina Mom Bloggers network, Being Latino, Hispanicize Wire and the Hispanic PR Blog, Hispanicize 2015 is expected to gather more than 2,100 of the nation’s most influential Latino professionals from the industries of blogging, journalism, music, marketing, film and business over five days. The event will take place in downtown Miami March 16-20, 2015. The Hispanicize event is a launch pad for creative endeavors, new products, technologies, marketing campaigns, films, books and more targeting Latinos in the U.S. and/or Puerto Rico. Hispanicize 2015 is a partnership of the Hispanic Public Relations Association (HPRA), Hispanicize and the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA).BREAKING NEWS!

Hispanicize 2015 Announces 3M Returning as Sponsor of Positive Impact Awards

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Who Are The [Latino] Heroes In Your Neighborhood? #3Mpact #Hispz15