Published On: Wed, Sep 14th, 2016

Latino Heritage Month Is Here… & Official Latino Short Film Festival Kicks It Off In NYC


Ok… I am getting ahead of myself… it’s just that I am mad excited about this.

There is no doubt that this Latino Heritage Month will be the most exciting one to date with a boom of content creators flooding the internet with new stuff for us to consume daily. This year has been an interesting one with some major wins for Latinos when it comes to both the big and small screens. We saw Alejandro G. Iñárritu  win Best Director 2016 Oscar winner for The Revenant. We recently cheered when Jonathan Jakubowicz released his amazing film Hands of Stone based on the boxing legend Roberto Duran’s career starring two Latino leads Edgar Ramirez & Ana De Armas and featuring Robert De Niro, John Tuturro and Usher. Then we got news yesterday from HOLA that SNL has finally added a Latina cast member, Melissa Villaseñor to to end a 41 year old Latinaless run. Lastly… we announced just a few weeks back that we are building Latino Movie Night to join the creative community in promoting content made by Latino creators from the indie circuit all the way to the major blockbusters.

Pretty exciting times for anyone invested in creating content for Latinos by Latinos…

All that said, I wanted to highlight the Official Latino Short Film Festival as it enter it’s sophomore year  with the theme of Latino Unity (La Unidad Mueve Montañas) and the following statement gives you all the reasons why we should support this.

Official latino Short Film Festival

Official Latino Short Film Festival



The 2nd Annual Official Latino Short Film Festival will take place September 15-18, 2016 in Harlem, New York City. Filmmaker Danny Hastings created the Festival in 2015 in response to the lack of diversity among Academy Award nominees. Our mission is to showcase, nurture, and support the emerging creative American Latino filmmaker in the United States. With the evident lack of American Latino representation in studio films and TV, it’s up to us — the American Latino — to tell our stories from our perspective. This Festival is created, funded and organized by American Latino filmmakers just like you. We believe that by supporting emerging talent we will begin to see a real representation of us on the BIG SCREEN.

[source: Official Latino]

Congratulations to Danny Hastings and team… you are inspiring many to address the issue of diversity in Hollywood. I tip my pava to you…

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Latino Heritage Month Is Here… & Official Latino Short Film Festival Kicks It Off In NYC