Published On: Mon, Aug 10th, 2015

BOOK GIVEAWAY: Last Day To Download & Review Logra Tu Dream For Free!







A few days back, Arturo Nava launched the book “Logra Tu Dream: How 50 Successful Latinos & Latinas Turned Their Dreams Into Reality”. This book provides us insight into the mindset, actions and habits that allowed 50 successful Latinos & Latinas to overcome barriers and conquer fears to turn their dreams into reality.

The Logra Tu Dream book will show the reader that their dream is possible if they learn and put into action the proven principles they will discover in this book.

It is based on interviews on the Logra Tu Dream podcast with 50 some of the most successful Latinos & Latinas in the country.

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You don’t need a Kindle device to download and read the book. You can download and read it just by downloading the kindle application on your phone or tablet. You can find the application on your app store by searching for Kindle.

Thanks for being part of this movement that is making a difference in our community by helping Latinos & Latinas get closer to their dreams !!

BOOK GIVEAWAY: Last Day To Download & Review Logra Tu Dream For Free!