Published On: Mon, Jul 28th, 2008

La Voz Poetry: Chilo

Chilo Mi Gente…

I wanted to share this powerful piece from a poet I have had the pleasure of featuring on Capicu Poetry & Cultural Showcase

 The poet in the piece is a passionate young Boricua voice from the Nuyorican scene named Chilo. Chilo is member of a powerful force in the spoken word movement, El Grito De Poetas.

Chilo originally hails from Riverhead, Strong Island, New York. A Puerto Rican carpenter’s son and licensed History teacher, he currently educates youth in the Bronx. Known for providing a diverse blend of hard work, knowledge, passion, and lyricism every time he steps upon the stage, he has written and performed Hip Hop music for well over a decade, initially developing his craft in the mid nineties with hip hop group, G.O.S. (Dashah, Dshaw, QPrecise). Since then he has rocked crowds in hundreds of well known venues and Universities all the way to your local corner ciphers and subways.

He has shared stages with legends of the spoken word and Hip Hop genres, to the underrated understimated underdogs of the game that will never be heard. Chilo is a founding member and currently a part of one of the few Latino Spoken Word groups in New York City, “El Grito De Poetas.” In 2002, he executively produced a twenty-track Hip Hop album entitled “Experience is Truth” with 19 tracks from producer JRusch. Since then he has helped develop “the Bootleg Operations Mixtape” (2004, produced every beat), “21 Poetz Mixtape” (2005), and the “Grito de Poetas spoken word album” (2007). He has recently finished a 4 year project “The Compilation” , a hip hop album which is due out in the near future and he is finishing working on his next solo album, entitled “Never Satisfied”.

You can also expect a spoken word poetry book this year along with colllaborative projects from his respective collectives. Currently active on a committe working to put together an album of Puerto Rican artists in order to raise money and awareness about Puerto Rican Political Prisoners that have been unfairly jailed in their struggle, he stays working continually. He has experienced traveling across the U.S. and has also touched soil in Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America, South America and a few countries within Europe. A cultured and spiritual educator, Chilo enjoys giving back to the community and being part of unique collectives that can offer a multitude of beneficial services to the societies we live in today.

Buen provecho…

The Urban Jibaro

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La Voz Poetry: Chilo