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La Pecosa Preciosa Talks Plus Size Fashion

Hola mi gente! My name is Sandra Negron aka La Pecosa Preciosa (The Precious Freckle Face). I am a native New Yorker, born and raised in Spanish Harlem aka El Barrio. I’m a self-taught baker, animal enthusiast, devout fan of children’s literature, curly hair expert, and most recently a plus size fashion blogger.

As much as I want to shop all day I can’t afford to do so(insert sad face here). But when I do shop, I shop wisely and cost effectively. Not to say that I won’t splurge once in a while on something I’ve been coveting. But in all reality I have to shop with frugality (Hey that rhymed! LOL!). Being frugal doesn’t take away from my style or the wonderful wardrobe that I’ve obtained (which is 85% dresses!). I love fashion and I’ve learned to dress for my size and shape without having my wardrobe consist of leggings and over sized t-shirts. One thing I hate to see is an ill-dressed plus size woman. There should be no reason for that! So that’s why I decided to start my own plus size fashion blog called La Pecosa Preciosa. On La Pecosa Preciosa I’ll be sharing my experiences as a plus size woman, reviews on clothing, features, where to shop for great plus size fashions and the trials and tribulations we endure trying to find fashionable and inexpensive clothing without sacrificing style or your bank account.

Being a plus size woman can be challenging at times. Start out by learning your body type. This will be the key to buying clothes that fit and look good on your body. Once you’ve learned that, the rest is easy. Don’t believe the hype and let plus size fashion rules stop you from buying certain styles or trends. Black doesn’t have to be the only color in your warbdrobe. Be daring and wear bold colors, this summer season greens, yellows, and tangerine orange were really big. Guess what?? You CAN wear horizontal stripes! Wearing a thinner strip designed works better on us curvy girls. Skinny jeans are also ok for us to wear because the give off the illusion of a thinner looking body. Pair it with a simple camisole and a cute blazer or cardigan. Wearing white is not a crime even after labor day. Just keep it simple, like wearing a white satiny tank with a fun skirt or jeans.

As far as where to shop for stylish and fashionable clothing, don’t fret! There’s plenty of store for every budget to shop from. One of my favorite stores to shop from is The have a great plus size line called “Curve” and they have beautiful, stylish true to size clothing. While you might find some of their stuff to be a little on the pricey side (well for me they have a great sale section. If you sign up to recieve their newletter, you’ll receive emails letting you know of any sales or coupon codes they might be offering. Forever 21 is another great place to shop. They have alot of young, fun and trendy fashions in their plus size line for great prices. I also love Torrid, they have some funky and edgy things. Fashion to Figure is a fairly new store but already has the potential to become very popular with us curvy girls. Also H&M has revamped their plus size line and has some really awesome pieces. Surprisingly I’ve found some gems in these store, Payhalf, Rainbow, Target and Marshalls. I could go on and on but these are just a few to start with.

When it comes to being a plus size woman, you have to be comfortable in the skin your in. That may not always be easy but we are all beautiful no matter what shape or size we are. Confidence is your best accessory, once you have that nothing can stop you!

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La Pecosa Preciosa Talks Plus Size Fashion