Published On: Tue, May 13th, 2008

JusNata Spanglish Designs

Who is JustNata Spanglish Designs?

Carshowmay07015_3 Like millions of you across this country, we are Latinos who speak both English and Spanish – sometimes combining the two – and have adapted our home countries’ culture, food, music and traditions into our American lifestyle. We believe that it goes without saying that Hispanics are the largest and fastest-growing ethnic group. If you are not Latino, then you surely know someone who is! We are on the rise all over the country as community leaders, in music, films, and pop-culture, and it inspired me to show off my Latina pride for our beautiful culture.

We are people just like you who could not find entertaining designs on t-shirts to represent nuestra cultura and decided there was an open market for this idea. We drew inspiration from the every day things we are accustomed to (also with a little help from mis amigas!). We created a line of clothing with trendy, colorful and original designs for us and for you! We don’t sell anything we wouldn’t wear ourselves.

Being that I am representative of two Latin countries, I also wanted to create designs for others like me as well as for people who are multicultural, bi-lingual, Latinos-at-heart, and anyone else who is inspired by nuestra cultura hermosa.

Quality and outstanding customer service are our main priorities. We use high-quality American Apparel clothing for almost all our designs. And if ever you are not happy with a product or service, let us know y trabajaremos con usted to make it right.

Q&A with Nathalie Ramirez

1- Tell us a little about Nathalie before JustNata Spanglish Designs.
Colombian & Mexican, born and raised in New York between Queens and Staten Island.  I have 3 children and am currently married.  I was a former Legal Secretary in NY and NJ before moving to Maryland.   

  2- What made you want to start your own business?   
I’m a stay-at-home mom who was looking to start her own business, work from home and bring in an income at the same time.  Chasing after my son all day (he’ll be 3 in December), I usually dress down in t-shirts and jeans.  Being a Latina and former New Yorker, I was craving culture and one day I just thought I’d like to wear a t-shirt with something in Spanish on it to represent who I am.  Clothing like that wasn’t readily available.  T-shirts were everywhere and the internet offered many Mexican, Cuban or Puerto Rican design t-shirts, but nothing that represented Latinos living in America, Latinos who speak both languages.  I decided that I could be the one to bring those products to the market, as I’m sure there were others just like me wanting to wear their culture, their heritage, their language – on their shirts.   
3- Who, if anyone did you ask for help?
I asked for help from anyone who would listen.  I’ve learned a lot in the process and have made some friends.   
4- What have been your challenges so far?
Believing that I could be successful.  I grew up in the projects in Staten Island, my parents were divorced, there were a lot of things I didn’t dream would ever happen to me.  I never imagined I would own my own business.  With my husband’s support, he’s helped me believe in myself and provided the emotional support I needed to get started.  Now, I feel like there is no limit to what I can do.    
5- What have been your biggest accomplishments?
Every little acknowlegement feels like a huge accomplishment.  When I see orders coming in, I feel a sense of accomplishment because this was what I set out to do – to share my designs with everyone.  I have received nothing but positive words from everyone I have come across in this business, and including my customers. 

6- Where do you see JustNata Spanglish Designs in 5 years?
I hope that we continue to grow and be successful.  I’d like to extend our product line to include every Spanish-Speaking country and city, and make more shirts that keep the Gringos guessing.  I hope to be selling my products in more stores, maybe even opening my own store one day.  I have to consider a plan for the future.  I’d like to give my children a "family" business.  I also hope that this website will be the beginning for much more to come.  I’d like to do more for the Latino community, specifically Latinas who have struggled, by creating an organization that plans fun events with shopping, music and good food but also provides information on every topic that would be of interest to a Latina – like immigration, Social Services, job opportunities, education, parenting, etc – so that they can better their lives and the lives of their children.  Anything to make them STRONG!  I currently have an online Yahoo Group where women across the country talk about everything, give advice and get information.  We are working on the priliminary stages of starting such an organization.  To join our Yahoo group, please contact me directly by sending me an email to

7- What would you like to say to a young entrepreneur that is thinking about starting his/her own venture?
Dream big and do your homework.  You can do anything you put your mind to. 

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JusNata Spanglish Designs