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Joeys Gym Class Goes To Miami!

Editor’s note: This year I made a promise to all of you that I fully intend on keeping… to bring you more info on Healthy Living. This has been a big focus for me personally so like most things in my life I choose to share with you. I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce Joey Olivo from Joey’s Gym Class. I met Joey a while back and offered him some direction as far as social engagement is concerned and in return he gave me some tips on healthier living. As time went on I really like how Joey has been growing his brand and how his following has responded. I reached out a few weeks back and extended an invite for him to collaborate on the blog, he accepted and a day later I was able to have him join me in Miami for the Hispanicize conference. Here is the recap from Joey’s perspective…

– Urban Jibaro

48040_10100753526374090_615475470_nWhat can I say? Hispanicize 2013 was an experience that will be with me forever! I met some of the smartest and savviest people I have ever known on this trip to Miami. I had no clue what to expect at first, then all of a sudden it was a whirlwind of people from different backgrounds all  across America. The beauty of it was in the camaraderie and intense sharing of ideas that is an integral part of the Hispanicize culture. It looked like a conference but was really a melting pot of creativity for Hispanics in business and the arts from all angles. I am so proud to be Hispanic and to have been part of the experience, I felt like I was watching history being made before my eyes as the future of Hispanics and Latinos happily unfolded.

I was brought on as an ambassador for Visalus, a nutrition and supplement company known for their 90-day Body by Vi challenge. Their 90-day challenges have been really successful. Whoever has tried their products before will rant and rave about their system. Before Hispanicize, I was in the small town of Luquillo, Puerto Rico and I actually overheard a conversation on the beach between friends who were talking about the Visalus program and how successful it was for them. The prevalence of Visalus in the Hispanic community and Latin America was larger than I previously thought. These guys were on to something good, and I was excited to be a part of the team.


They have a unique system that works, I will review the system components here –

Nutritional Shake Mix – This is my favorite of their system. It is a non-GMO soy based protein powder, it tastes great and mixes very well. For anyone starting out, this is a perfect fit because it easily gets you into the right habits of utilizing protein powders in your diet as a meal replacement.

Neuro Shot – This was my second favorite. This is a powder that you mix into water, it is a B vitamin complex that supercharges your brain to help you retain and respond to information. Picture it like taking your car, getting a fresh oil change and filling the gas tank with super ultra-premium unleaded fuel.   That is how efficiently your brain will work!

To put it in perspective, I was listening to a panel discussion that was super informative, I retained so much information of their discussion that I stayed an extra 10 minutes just writing my thoughts, and I remembered and recalled everything.  The whole “in one ear and out the other” thing does not happen with this!

GO Shot – This is their version of a 5-hour energy shot. This was the least popular of the system simply due to people drinking it warm. Once it was chilled the taste improved significantly. After one of these, you are definitely ready to go ALL DAY! I would suggest however not to mix these if you have a coffee habit, that would be caffeine overload. If you are not a serious coffee drinker then this is a pure clean source of a caffeine boost perfect to use before training.

visalus products

 As a special gift for all of you who were at the Hispanicize conference, we will be sending you the Hispanicize Miami Body Meal Plan. I developed this meal plan after a bunch of conversations with many of you about what Latinos want and need out of a meal plan that they are not getting. The general mainstream diets and meal plans lack that certain “sabor” that we all NEED. Many do not include platanos and yucca which are two of the healthiest vegetables around. Other plans suggest avoiding fruit, meanwhile mangoes and papayas are some of the healthiest fruits in the world. I also include how to utilize the delicious Visalus shakes in your day. Yes, there has to be some structure as to how to eat, what to eat, and when to eat. Everything is in the plan I provided for you.

Email us at to get your copy!

Thank you guys because those conversations helped me create this plan for mi gente, and this gift is for you.

Adelante con fuerza, 

Joey Olivo 


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Joeys Gym Class Goes To Miami!