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Joey Volunteers at Feria De Salud

Feria De Salud


What a great time we had volunteering at the Feria de Salud this past weekend in the Bronx NY! There were plenty of different booths from screening blood pressure and glucose to workshops on nutrition and diabetes. Being Puerto Rican myself it is great to give back to my people and especially to those who live in an underprivileged community. Nothing feels better than to give something of yourself to help change the future. Our Latino community has to be more informed about health issues and how to take better care of our bodies. Latinos have more than double the rate of diabetes than non-latino whites. That is a huge obstacle to overcome. The Feria de Salud did a lot to raise awareness of the situation.


Most of my time was spent in the kid’s zone. I really wanted to get in and help kids become more active and lend a hand for the next generation. The kids zone had some great demonstrations to raise awareness of being more active. Here are some highlights:

  • I got to help the fabulous Desiree Dicupe ( with her kids Zumba class, her infectious energy had everyone dancing and going. I loved her demonstration, anytime you are in Brooklyn, check one of her classes out!
  • Nago Capoeira and Conditioning ( also did their thing showing a great demonstration of the popular Brazilian martial art. Watching Eric and the crew play the berimbau and their other instruments while watching the roda made me want to go back to my capoeira days and start practicing again.  The kids were absolutely fascinated by the art form. It was great to see the wonder in their faces.
  • Ingrid Hoffmans presentation about healthier Latino cooking was quite a show! She gave a solid demonstration on making typical Latino meals a lot healthier. Watch out for her new book.
  • The arts and crafts booth had some pretty creative games and coloring pages for kids to have them think about and draw healthier foods. This booth made it possible to have a conversation with them about what foods are healthy and what foods weren’t.  One of the pages was a meal planning chart, I was watching one of the kids write “cereal” in every other box . . . if you know me, you already know I almost flipped my lid!



“How about Corn Flakes?”


“Frosted Flakes?”


“Frosted Mini Wheats?”

“NO . . . EAT FRUIT!”  Then I had to stop myself from snatching the meal planning and writing my own for him. LoL! But it was great to be able to educate them and help the parents too with answering questions about better food options.

To top off the entire day though was the highlight, Frankie Negron Performing LIVE! He put on a great performance that included all of his salsa classics. I grew up with his music so it was great to actually see him perform live for the first time. The classic moment was at the very end, you have to be a salsa fan to appreciate this – he sang “Mi Gente” live in the South Bronx with a park full of Puerto Ricans, the energy was amazing and those are moments you live for.

It was one great day of giving back to the community and I can’t wait to get my team involved and doing it again!

Nos vemos!


Stay strong,




Joey Olivo is one a top level Master Trainer in the Nassau county, NYC area. He has thoroughly earned the reputation of being a highly innovative and sought after trainer and athlete strength coach. For close to a decade, he has been in the fitness and sports performance industry, has written for various publications and is the fitness and nutrition expert for Sofrito for your Soul. He holds numerous certifications through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, KBC, and USAW Olympic Weightlifting.  He specializes in high level strength training for adults and young athletes. Whether you are a beginner just starting or an athlete in the off season, his sessions are for you!

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Joey Volunteers at Feria De Salud