Published On: Sun, Jul 27th, 2008

Jibaro Samurai?

Logo Ever have a great idea and then you start researching the originality and you find out that someone else beat you to it? Well it has happenned to me a time or two…and now for the third time. I often sign my name in really funny ways when emailing close friends and colleagues (variations of The Urban Jibaro brand), but the other day I was looking up an old email and I saw that I signed it “The Urban Jibaro Samurai”. After seeing this my creative jugos starting flowing and I was conceptualizing a whole story about a Puerto Rican Jibaro Samurai and his adventures. Learning from past experience I decided to google it to make sure that I was not stomping all over someone else’s intellectual property and then I found it….a very talented artist named Miguel Sanjurjo had developed the same idea for a company we have spoken about here on Sofrito before…Boricuas Beyond.

Here is the promotional video for a comic strip called Jibaro Samurai…it is pretty cool, even if I didn’t think it first.

Buen Provecho…

The Urban Jibaro Ninja

Jibaro Samurai?