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Jani Rose Reviews The Samsung Galaxy S5


Disclaimer – This blog post is my personal opinion based on what I experienced and I have received no monetary compensation for this from Samsung. I did however get to borrow a review handset to experience it first hand doing what I do everyday.

jani.joker1When I received the Samsung Galaxy S5 one of the first things I did was look at reviews to know what to look for in this new phone. I love the fingerprint scanner, which was easy to set up and use, despite reviews mentioning otherwise. It feels a little “spy-ish” every time I use it. Simple things that were included that made me feel safer about its longevity. I have an attractive rose gold case with a slight sheen, that’s attached directly to its back and wraps around with cover that makes it look and feel, like a small book. At the bottom there is a rubber sealed cover the clips into place over the USB housing that protects it from water damage for up to a half hour.

What I found in most reviews was a lot of techy talk and descriptions how many millimeters thicker, longer it is and how much more it weighs. I know nothing of megapixels or gigabytes. I’m one of those people who almost always has a phone her in hand and wants an easy to use gadget that is highly functional, entertaining and increases the quality of social media presentation. The phone I usually use is much smaller so I had to get used to its heft. Once I opened the screen and started using it, I loved it. The colors and images are gorgeous and even on the sunniest day, the big bright screen is completely visible. No more hiding in a dark doorway to see my screen! I can’t use the phone with one hand, which I tend to do as I’m a multi-tasking mom. Once I used it for a few days I thought of it as a smart and sassy little tablet. My primary email account is a Gmail account. Logging in allowed seamless connection to all of my accounts and to everything I need on a regular basis. It’s fast and fun, and I can actually use it to help me organize my life and business. Kids like to use their parent’s smart phones to play games and take pictures. Kid’s Mode comes with kid friendly apps, while keeping the rest of the phone completely inaccessible without punching in a password. Simply brilliant, and many people that I have discussed this feature with didn’t even know it was available. Apps when the kids have used my phone in the past. Problem solved. My work and privacy are safe.


My work as a writer and event organizer involves frequent posting on several social media sites. Excellent quality pictures, video and the capacity for creativity is important. The camera is easy to use and I love the photograph editing options. The Mode button allows you to choose from several different types of which make it feel like a very expensive camera. Some of the stuff you’re able to do were previously only possible in post-production, so I’m looking forward to how I can enhance blog posts with the photos I take. “Beauty Face” gives a crisp, yet airbrushed smooth, finish. The “Shot & More” feature allows you to merge several shots into one pic, which is amazing for action shots. I’ve never used it before, and am still learning how to use the features but I can’t wait to take pics of the dancers that perform at some of our shows. I’m looking forward to getting a nice series of shots of their movements, their dresses flowing beautifully through the air. “Dual Camera” is so cool. You can use both cameras at once allowing you to take a selfie while taking a picture of what’s in front of you. Imagine taking a picture of your favorite performer on stage, and of yourself and your friends at the same time without having to photo edit before posting. My favorite though, is the panoramic panning option which I used on a walk in the Bowery with an amazing graffiti mural in the background. And the photo editing is absolutely brilliant! The combination of options are endless. Being able to play with my sons’ photos has been fantastic. I’m looking forward to using the Story Album app to create albums of some of our trips, shows and memories. One of the downsides was that I could not find was a Squarespace app that would allow me to upload to my site,, easily.



 The phone has so many options and features, amazing apps and I just can’t get enough of it. The only problem? There are so many options that I haven’t had enough time to get to it all! I could write a small book about how many things I’ve found useful. Galaxy Essentials offers must have apps and Galaxy Gifts provides premium apps exclusively available for Galaxy users, for free! It’s pretty much loaded with the essentials as soon as you open it, but the personalization options are astounding. I don’t know what was available on any other Galaxy, or the latest iPhone. I honestly don’t care, all I know is that it has opened up a myriad of possibilities that would make it difficult for me to go back to using the phone I had now that I’ve begun a relationship with the Galaxy S 5. And it’s only the beginning! I’m looking forward to learning more and this is going to get real interesting once I’m accustomed to it. I’ll be sure to keep you posted!


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Jani Rose Reviews The Samsung Galaxy S5