Published On: Tue, Feb 17th, 2009

The Poetry of Jani Rose: Mi Coqui

Abstract 3

me cantaba por la ventana
through my window at night he sang,
he sang a song to soothe me, to teach me
i was lonely and he sang
coqui coqui
dulce melodious
me cantaba de la noche
he sang the night into my room
he trilled bright soft braided songs of moonlight
through my window
a song about dewy plants that could refresh my feet
and the red earth that smelled of strength and history
he sang of plants that close when you touch them
mueren y viven, morimos, vivimos
and in the end there is nothing but the song
taking the smile from my pocket where it hid all day i smiled into the dark shadows where i lay listening to my otherworldly love sing songs that would haunt me someday

mi coqui me cantaba, de su soledad
time after time he broke my heart with the intense beauty and pain of his existence
he and i
he… and we would never be
as he was coqui
and i just a shadow
lying in the dark
time and again
waiting for my song
i lay
and wait
and wait and cry
and the sun is rising
and i am fading
and my smile is melting into the wall
there is no moon
there is no light
there is no love
there is just a song
coqui coqui
coqui coqui
coqui coqui

by jani

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i live artfully, enjoying the light and color in my daily walk. emotions rise, bubble up, choke and press out of me. i gurgle it all onto the page, the screen, my loved ones. my future has been bright for a long time… now it's my present that is well lit. thank you if you're part of the reason why. spiritual and passionate, i am a fiercely loyal, vigilant and attentive. imperfect, boisterous, open minded, forgiving, powerful, passionate and gentle. i love love in all it's blissful splendor. i enjoy the cool eternal beauty of the dark.

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The Poetry of Jani Rose: Mi Coqui